Soylent = Overpriced soymilk?


Im a skeptic. Why get Soylent when I can drink soy milk with some supplements? Soy milk probably tastes better. You can easily get those extra nutrients in tablet form. Carbs are easy to get. The nutrients in Soylent that are not widely available, why are they essential? No one needs creatine, unless you’re a body builder. I could not find any information on this site as to each of their benefits and reasons for including it.
EDIT: Ok, I found some info on nutrition here. This should be on the front page. Many things they add are based on “limited evidence” and therefore not essential as a food substitute Soylent seems to be advertised as.


I believe creatine is being used as a longer releasing energy protein source? I could be wrong, but creatine is used for that by athletes a lot.


For one, you’d have to drink 10 cups of soy milk to get the protein most people are getting in soylent. That’s about 2.5 containers of soy milk, which is about $5 in my area… how is this cheaper?


I actually tried this. Drinking that much soymilk will give you intolerable flatulence. (Or at least that was how it went for me.)


Soy milk is obviously not a significant source of protein. If you want cheap protein, just eat eggs.


There is about 7 gr of of protein in an egg. So just eat 10 eggs a day and your done is what you say. But this means that only for the protein you would pay about 1,50,- a day.

And you would have to eat about 300 eggs a month. The kids will surely call you names.


Soy milk, eggs, maybe some toast for the carbs, then pop a few vitamins–sounds like breakfast for a lot of folks. Nothing wrong with that, but how much does it cost? How much time do you spend making it, going to the grocery store for it all and washing your dishes afterwards?

If you can make your own nutritionally-sound meals with a minimum of time, cost and effort, then go for it. Soylent probably isn’t for you. Soylent is for the people who can’t do that, and would get lunch from a drive-thru without it.


Creatine is not a protein source. I don’t know the science behind it enough to speak intelligently, but its primary role is to assist with the ATP cycle in particular types of muscle fibers.


Whoops! You are right, I was thinking of Casein.


Maybe you have heard of cholesterol.
Like someone stated you would need to eat 10 eggs a day. That would be 1870mg of cholesterol a day. Researchers recommend only 200mg a day. So you recommend 9 days worth of cholesterol a day? Not very heart healthy.


EXACTLY! The OP clearly didn’t put enough thought into his post before posting and doesn’t fully understand the full goal of Soylent.


And it is on the front page pinned to the top.


One thing I am really looking forward to starting Soylent is the ability to subscribe for shipments of supplements. All of my food can be delivered, I know exactly what I am having, and once every two months I can mix, package, and store all of my food for the following months.

This saves SO MUCH TIME and it makes all of my food costs fixed rather than variable.


Another benefit to subscribing on a monthly basis or longer: In an emergency, like an earthquake or hurricane, you already have nonperishable food ready to go. I plan on tossing a few days’ worth in my car trunk and forgetting about them.