Soylent packages with holes and no email response


I recently got my Soylent after excitedly waiting. Immediately upon opening I noticed there was Soylent powder all over the place. A number of my bags had holes in them that leaked all over the place. I have yet to get a response from @Soylent about this issue… Among my concerns are if it is even safe to use, and if these problems will be fixed in the future…


I would not use the bags with holes in them, not safe


I agree I wouldn’t use the bags. I am reasonably sure Rosa Labs does not intend to start shipping holy bags of Soylent to customers. I imagine the problem was fixed shortly after you box was robopacked. It may even of been an accident in the first place.

A better question would be if Rosa Labs will replace the punctuated bags. My guess would be yes. They don’t check the @Soylent tag everyday so be patient.


Paging @SergiiMiami so he can say this definitely isn’t a problem


No need to page him :slight_smile: as far as I know, he doesn’t work at Rosa Labs or the co-packer. That being said, I am sure many of us can confirm this isn’t normal, and the question is when the holes happened… if it was during transport or during packaging.

If it smells fine, I am sure it will be okay for at least a few weeks, but I wouldn’t take my chance to be honest. (in powdered form it lasts a while, even after being opened as long as it doesn’t become too humid.


It is pretty obvious that it happened during packaging… I don’t see how it would be possible to shift the blame to transport since they’re in cardboard boxes. Although everyone who has responded seem strangely apologetic, from my perspective Soylent is 0/1 so far. I think you’re right, I won’t be taking my chances on anything. Who knows what could be growing with such a medium…


Yeah :slight_smile: exactly, but as long as the powder is dry, nothing should be growing in it.

Was it all your bags that had holes in them?


No, it was two of the week’s worth. Well the ambient humidity might be enough to allow something to take hold, so I don’t want to use it. Sad that is a good percentage of what I purchased.


@grimey_grim Please discard the punctured pouches. 2 replacement pouches have been scheduled to ship. Thanks for letting us know!