Soylent packaging


I am curious if the soylent team has said exactly how the packaging will work.

Right now the various media reviewers appear to be getting a package that has a single day packet you mix all at once.

I would much prefer if it was done in smaller packets so that I could more easily do single meal preparation.


I’d rather have a big tub and a scoop. All those little packets add up to a ton of waste, especially if it’s a per meal packet vs a daily one.


I actually suggested that in this post.
Let me know what you think of my idea.


The amount of packaging would increase but I would honestly pay more for single meal packets due to convenience. I want to be able to easily make a soylent meal at work or even on the go and the bulk packaging wouldn’t be ideal for that situation.


What I’d do is if I know i’ll be on-the-go that day, i’d measure out what’s needed into a baggie or an empty bottle. That way, I have a bag of it for a meal when I need it, but don’t have 90 of them each month.


The huge problem with that idea is ensuring an even mix of everything. Making powders homogeneous when you’re dealing with different powders is a very difficult task. You may end up getting lowered amounts of certain things for a few days, then a massive overdose when you get to the bottom of the tub, or vice versa. With single day pouches, it’s at least being averaged out over a single day, rather than however long the tub lasts for.


Ah yeah! I’d never though of that! I’m sure there’s a solution to making mixtures homogenous though, since it would be a common problem.


For convenience I actually would actually prefer a big container, it’s much less waste to take care of, and it will be a lot waste with the small packages…


I’d just shake the tub each morning before I measure out my meal. As it sits on the shelf, it wouldn’t move at all, so if it’s mixed it should stay like that for another day.