Soylent Peanut Butter Blondies - first try

I know a lot of people are into making cookies/brownies with soylent, but I’m looking for something less sweet that I can eat regularly instead of liquid soylent (it’s just not very good when it’s not cold, imo, and when I’m out it’s hard to keep it that way). I’ve heard a lot of people like it with peanut butter, and I was looking to up the protein ratio in my soylent anyways so…

Just took my first batch out of the oven, and while it could use some improvement, I would definitely call it a success. The texture is pleasant, not too hard or gooey (although we’ll see what it’s like when they cool down completely), but I need to do some more tweaking with the taste. More peanut butter and sugar, since it was still fairly bland. The taste reminded me of thai peanut curry actually.

Here was my recipe:
1 pouch soylent (v1.5)
3/4 cup powdered peanut butter
3 Tbs maple syrup
4 eggs
water as needed for consistency (about 1/2 cup)

bake in oven at 350 for 20 minutes

Next time, I think I’ll use honey instead of maple syrup. Tbh I only used it because I couldn’t reach the regular sugar on the top shelf of the cabinets lol. Might up the powdered peanut butter to 1.5 cups which will probably necessitate another egg.

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Take any pictures?


What’s a blondie?

Wait, wrong Blondie.

It’s like a brownie, but blonde!



Is there any way to make brownies, blondies whatever…without eggs at all?

Yep, any vegan brownie/blondie recipe.

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I’m sure there are lots of recipes you could modify, but I’m not vegan and I wanted more protein (plus cooking with eggs is way easier lol)

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Wow those look really good…I’ll have to give it a try. But what will I need to change if I replace powdered peanut butter with “real” peanut butter? I’ve never seen powdered peanut butter ever.

probably less/no water and less eggs, since real peanut butter has moisture in it, unlike powdered peanut butter. I actually bought powdered peanut butter specifically for this task, though, because in another thread a member mentioned that when they tried to make peanut butter cookies, the peanut butter flavor didn’t come through very well, and I figured I could remedy this with peanut butter powder. Since regular peanut butter has moisture, there is only so much you can put in, but you can put in more powdered peanut butter since you don’t have to decrease wet ingredients.

Powdered peanut butter is essentially peanut flour. It’s on Amazon, and in the US it’s pretty commonly stocked in grocery stores next to the peanut butter.

I wonder if enough peanut butter could replace the eggs. Hmm.

It’s called PB2. A lot of grocery stores (also places that sell food like Walmarts, Targets, etc.) carry it. Or, you can order it online. A lot of people like it because it is way less fat/calories/sodium than traditional peanut butter.

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would you like some soylent with your peanut butter? lol

I don’t think that would cook up too well, though. maybe what you could do is make like peanut butter soylent truffle balls. that actually sounds more convenient and easier than blondies… I’ll post about it when I make them lol

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So it looks like grocery stores in Canada don’t carry PB2, although I’ve seen some other brands of (very expensive) peanut flour at organic stores. I can get PB2 on Amazon, but it costs about 4x as much as my Skippy. Would I need a lot less PB2 than peanut butter?

to be honest, it’s probably somewhat more expensive period, but it does have the benefit of a lot less fat and sodium than regular peanut butter (and less sugar, if you’re using skippy). I bought mine in bulk on amazon.

Wow, browsing around Amazon US it seems that the U.S. prices are waaaay better than Canadian prices! Wish I could ship it from the U.S. site! A 1lb jar on is $16.99 while a TWO PACK of 1lb jars on is $13.57!!! “This item does not ship to your location” of course :frowning:

It does seem like it would be a healthier choice if I’m making treats to share, though. A lot of my relatives have heart problems and other diet-limiting conditions so it’s hard to make yummy treats that they can have.

oh dang hahaha. you’re gonna make me reconsider wanting to move to canada :stuck_out_tongue:

No bake, vegan (no eggs) brownies…

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