Soylent pH balance

Anyone know the pH levels on the current products? I get acid reflux from time to time and unfortunately believe that Soylent exacerbates it. I’ve been drinking Soylent for 2+ years, but have found that since 1.5 I’ve had to cut out Soylent when I get an influx of reflux.

That’s an interesting question. I used to get acid reflux when I was heavier than I am now, regardless of what I ate. It went away as soon as I got down to a healthier weight and it hasn’t come back.


It’s much less acidic than the acid in your stomach. The pH level in Soylent wouldn’t be the reason for acid reflux in any cases.


I definitely don’t attribute Soylent to the cause of the reflux. I drink 1200-1400 calories of it per day for 2 years. I’m wondering more if it exacerbates it when i do experience it. High fat foods are not supposed to be good for reflux.

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The pH level in Soylent wouldn’t be the reason for acid reflux in any cases.

Maybe not the pH level, but Soylent itself might be causing doublea’s acid reflux. Acid reflux isn’t caused only by the amount of acid in your food (e.g., fatty foods that aren’t particularly acidic cause it in some people). Although I agree that the pH alone probably isn’t the issue here.

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PH checkers are pretty affordable. This one is popular for home pickling.

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Same here, I couldn’t tell you the last time I felt heartburnishy since dropping weight. I would say that it has to be close to neutral though, anyone have any litmus paper?

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All times of day or is it at night?

It’s most of the day, but definitely more pronounced at night.

Not since I stole… er, borrowed some from my high school science class. For science.

So I ran my own pH test: 7.0