Soylent Photography


Ok, so, I have seen a few people go out and take photos in nature with soylent, but I thought as a hobbyist photographer it would be cool to put together a thread where we incorporate soylent into the photo, just something fun for us to do.

This is my first batch.

My next 13 days


Don’t leave out the oil bottles, they need photo love too! (Unless you got the vegan version)

Nice work, good stuff. :slight_smile:


Here’s a photo of my leaky oil bottles, backlit for effect. :smile:
They’ve since been replaced by Soylent. Maybe someone can post photos of the new and improved no-leak bottles.


Wonderful pics. Soylent as art.


I like the symbolism in the fridge shot! :sunglasses:


That’s actually quite beautiful. Maybe Soylent should hire you take artsy pictures for their instagram.



But very well done, none the less…:slight_smile: