Soylent Pie Chart*


*in progress

Here’s a handy pie-chart of Soylent’s makeup:



PSA: These are SVG charts, so infinitely scalable - just press Ctrl + to zoom in, Ctrl 0 to return to default zoom level.


thanks @duncanlock. I didn’t even know that.

I’m no good with math, but I need to do decimal conversions for all the items under 1 gram. I’m planning on doing it myself, but if history serves as a guide, I will get something wrong.

Does anyone know if there’s a list of sub-1g soylent ingredients that I can plug in without worrying that I might kill someone if I get it wrong? :smiley:


I realise pie charts are popular, but an ordered horizontal bar chart would probably be better for this type of data.
It would be much easier to compare the close neighbour values, and the names could fit nicely on the left.




Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll try to make sure that the UI accommodates a variety of different chart types.

Thanks for the input!