"Soylent" pitcher - 2 for $20 @ Costco

A heads up if anyone was looking for more 2QT pitchers.


Good on ya for the call out. I just want the new official scoop to get released. Not that it will work any better, due to the nature of powder/compaction.

Instead of scoop they should do a balance scale. Doesn’t even need to be fancy, they could include two weights 200cal half serving and 400cal full servings.


You continue to amaze me. So what’s your daily nutrient intake and exercise look like lately?

Horrible - I started to eat over my maintainence of 2,500 calories to start gaining muscle, I did gain muscle and gained 10 pounds - after loosing so much weight then gaining 10 pounds I freaked out. So I’m back down to eating 2,000 calories a day. I should be eating much more than that though .

What can I say, my self image is horrible, and have no clew how to really be healthy/fit.

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Wait, was all 10 lbs muscle? Dem gainz, brah!

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Some muscle for sure, but when you spend so long losing weight, being told all along the way that statistically I will regain all the weight back, gaining 10 pounds is…scary.

I have a unhealthy self image. How do I work on my self image!? I mean honestly I still see myself as fat/big, but my old cloths would prove otherwise.

Well, for what it’s worth, this womyn thinks you is sexy! Otherwise, CBT.

CBT is not on the menu currently, but maybe it should be. Maybe after a couple of years if I am still having image issues I’ll think about CBT.