Soylent Pitcher for the Week?

Totally new to Soylent. Made the first batch last night using the pitcher. Sadly enough I didn’t see the expiration FAQ prior to making. Has anyone the same pitcher over the course of a few days? Will likely be trying to use it for 250-500 calories per day.

Officially you have 2 days from preparation, if refrigerated. Unofficially I’ve never had a problem with 3 days, again if refrigerated.

A side effect of Soylent being nutritious for humans is that it’s also quite nutritious for bacteria and mold, so I’d be dubious about going more than about 3 days.

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Gotcha. Alrighty. I’ll see what I can do to make sure I finish it off before the weekend :). Note to self, make it by the glass from now on lol.

4 days seems to be ok. But of course your mileage may vary.


What @horsfield said. A lot of people report their prepared Soylent lasting four days.

And no worries. Soylent lets you know immediately if it is bad. Smells sour. Tastes horrible.


I had 3 day old soylent 1.5 yesterday, felt fine. But from cleaning out my bottles of even afternoon old soylent residue, it goes “bad” within several hours at room temp, this is due to the bacterial growth due to the high and easy to access nutritional content of Soylent and the low-acid high-moisture medium-temperature that is ideal for microbe growth.

When cleaning the pitcher, make sure to take off and clean the rubber rings that are in both top parts of the pitcher, as soylent residue can get stuck under there and get’s really gross.

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