Soylent Pitcher


The soylent pitcher is too tall, please make it a little shorter and wider so it can fit in my fridge eaiser.


No matter what size or shape the pitcher is it won’t fit on someone’s fridge. The best solution is to adjust the shelves in your fridge so the pitcher will fit.


Um a gallon of milk fits in the fridge as is so why can’t the pitcher fit?


Because of the laws of physics?


The pitcher is too tall. More annoying than the fridge, it won’t fit in my dishwasher so I have to hand wash it…


its tall but i like it, its so well made >.>

I cleared out the very bottom door side of the fridge and it fits there :kissing_smiling_eyes:


It can lay flat when the lid is screwed on tightly.


Another solution is to buy another pitcher that fits the kitchen appliance in question.


Many of us are very happy with the Frigoverre pitcher, a squarish glass pitcher that fits nicely on the shelf and can be bought for about $10 at the Container Store, or mail-ordered from various places. (One user is recently very very unhappy because they couldn’t get the lid screwed on right, but I’ve only seen that one person have that problem.)


I really like the soylent pitcher. It fits nicely in my fridge door (where the 2L bottle of soda would be, if I drank soda). It doesn’t really fit in my dishwasher, but that’s OK, it’s super easy to clean by hand (I don’t even scrub the inside or take the top apart, I just fill with hot soapy water, shake really hard, then refill with hot non-soapy water, shake, then rinse a few times. Done.)


I would like to try to clarify what I believe spgregory was talking about. Rosa Labs could have decided to ship Soylent with a 2L pitcher that was three feet tall and very, very narrow. While such a shape might work better for like 10 people, it would probably be worse for everyone else. Using this logic, it would seem that there would be an optimal shape such that any other shape would decrease the percentage of people who found it to work well in their fridge / dishwasher.

What spgregory is saying is that the current shape is sub-optimal. Specifically: shorter with a larger diameter would increase the percentage of people who found it to work well in their fridge / dishwasher. I’m making up numbers here, but it would probably increase from a current 93% up to a possible 97% of people satisfied with the shape of the vessel. I would put such an issue as a very low priority for Rosa Labs, but I would also consider it to be useful feedback.

It seems that you’re saying that it would be such a low priority, that such feedback should not be given. I disagree fundamentally, and agree that spgregory should share his/her/their/hir feedback.


Sort of. It bugs me when people have a problem and instead of taking it upon themselves to fix the problem they complain. There are two solutions to the OP’s problem that could of been done instead of complaining. Either adjust the height of the shelves in the fridge or buy a container that fits. The first one is cheaper and the second one is easier.


inner radius of such a pitcher would be 1.039 inches.


Buy yourself another pitcher. The Soylent pitcher was free…you won’t be sent a free replacement because you don’t like the dimensions.


Design your own pitcher, sell it, make millions. :moneybag:


Be mindful with that method, there is a white/clear plastic ring on each of the black pieces which can collect old Soylent underneath very easily unless physically removed and cleaned. Still, soap and water method is an easy clean, just watch those two ‘hotspots’.


That’s not that bad of an idea you know. I’ll be shopping for something if I ever do the daily mixture thing. But I disliked the official pitcher because of all the moving parts.

Most likely I will head over to Bed Bath and Beyond to get me a supply of Blender Bottles sufficient to fill up my dishwasher.



It’s not like soylent manufactures the pitchers. They’re Takeya brand. Just get one that works for you. Or, ya, adjust the shelves in your fridge.


If my kitchen is any indication, Blender Bottles breed like rabbits. :smiley:


The optimal shape of 3D object is sphere. It’s ideally wide and tall, so it will consume minimum space possible.

We have a very practical pitcher so far with specific parameters.
If we could change it to other shape and be still very practical - let’s find the alternative, that will be liked by not less amount of people who likes current one.

Soylent is not containers maker, and they cannot “just make it 3 inches less tall and 1 inch wider”.
They could change the brand to other one, as long as they will be sure, that significantly more people will for sure like new shape.