Soylent! please cast me in your new commercials!

I saw this on Actors Access today! PLEASE bring me in for an audition!!! I tried to submit but realized I don’t have a current showfax and didn’t want to pay to submit my profile.

I would be a perfect “Runner” I ran cross/track all through highschool and college, currently run marathons. I have acted in over 6 commercials as a runner including my most recent commercial which aired during the superbowl, I AM JIM and I am great!

I would also be perfect for the role of “Hollywood Hipster” (he types in a coffee shop in Hollywood with an oversized handlebar mustache). I audition for a hipster role almost every week, give me a chance!!!

I was an early kickstarter backer and have been using Soylent since I got my first batch of 1.0 I drink it everyday and am pretty active on this forum, I competed in the first challenge, the blindfold challenge winning a t-shirt that I wear occasionally in my youtube videos. Someone on the soylent twitter account reached out to me to do a collaboration a year ago, saying they were planning on giving me a call within the week but I never heard back.

Now I’m reaching out,
PLEASE bring me in! I promise to make you proud!!! Cast someone within the Soylent community! @Conor do you have anything to do with this? Hook a brother up!


So… seven commercials?


Hey Soylent, cast me and I’ll do it for free.
Oh, but ya gotta fly me out to LA from Dallas, Tx :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Seth, I love you are in that commercial. Jim IS great!

I played jogger once, in The Manchurian Candidate (2004 version). Or, as you might say, I have acted in over 0 movies as a runner.

Funny aside: this last weekend I played a priest in the upcoming film Jackie. So as soon as Soylent has a priest commercial, I’m pretty sure they will request my services.


ha ha thanks @Ric! over zero!

It’s not as simple as that @pauldwaite. I’ve done work for company’s internal videos and print work that played as stills in video form so over was my short and sweet way of saying, I’M A GAWDDAM PROFESSIONAL!!!

but nobody reached out to me so I didn’t audition, this shot yesterday so I’m assuming they didn’t cast me. Mistake Soylent, ya done made a mistake!


So… eight commercials?

Sure… Let’s keep going 9, 10 commercials!

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They should jack up the price of Soylent by $0.01 and cast Brooklyn 99 - or just get the rights to this clip:

“I have ZERO interest in food. If it were feasible my diet would consist entirely of flavorless beige smoothies containing all the nutrients required by the human animal.”