Soylent plus tonic alchemy


I have ordered a weeks supply of soylent and intend on incorporating it into my diet. I am a foodie and will probably stay at 2 meals a day being soylent, possibly only 1. Or I could go soylent only on the weekdays and go into 2 food meals plus 1 soylent on weekend days.

Right now I am doing 2 meals as green smoothies and use tonic alchemy in the smoothies. I really enjoy the effects of this stuff and was wondering if there would be complications using it in soylent if I ever go 100% soylent?

Thank you.


You’d have Iodine, Vitamin K, B12, and A overages - I would stop Tonic Alchemy and isolate the ingredients you’re finding useful. Watch out for any product making the claims this one does. It honestly looks like someone googled Superfood and mixed the top 100 results into a health supplement.

Rhodiola Rosea , Eleuthero, and Green Tea appear to me to be the main source of any psychoactive effects - I’ve had good results with those three specifically. I’m not familiar with all the mushrooms, but most of the rest I’ve encountered and mostly dismissed as ineffectual. I would also try L Theanine and supplement caffeine - the two in conjunction are great.


Cheers jrowe47 thank you for that informed break down. I will look into those things you mentioned.


The amino acids like L-Theanine are great. Theanine is actually a relaxing or calming OTC supplement (dopamine or serotonin precursor). For stimulation L-Tyrosine can be better than coffee. L-Tryptophan is also calming and even sleep-inducing. All these are sold bottled in capsule form. At the same time, you are literally tinkering with your brain with these, so start slowly. There’s also some tolerance buildup.


Theanine is an anxiolytic, but also has synergistic effects with caffeine - it cuts the jitters and gives a sort of focused intensity to your thoughts. It is definitely something you want to cycle for maximum impact. I usually use it for about 2 weeks, then drop it for 2 weeks. It’s similar in effect to piracetam, albeit for a much shorter duration, and stacks with piracetam very well.

L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid, but 5-HTP is better. You’re already getting your tryptophan from your diet, and 5-HTP augments the metabolic process that produces of serotonin and melatonin in the brain. It enables your body to produce augmented levels of chemicals that make you calm and happy. Standard supplementation cautions apply - with an additional caveat about serotonin. You don’t want too much serotonin in your system, and any supplementation is ill advised if you have existing liver or kidney issues.