Soylent Poll Feedback

To be honest, I am just testing out the new forum polling capabilities that I have been reading about. I just wanted to do a few poll questions to see if they would work.


What is your favorite Soylent version?

  • Soylent 1.0
  • Soylent 1.1
  • Soylent 1.2
  • Soylent 1.3
  • Soylent 1.4
  • Soylent 1.5

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How do you currently rate your overall satisfaction with Soylent? (1 being lowest and 10 being highest)

[poll type=number min=1 max=10 name=satisfaction][/poll]


What are the characteristics you value most in Soylent? (Choose a maximum of 2)

  • Cost
  • Health
  • Convenience
  • Taste

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Apparently, if you come back the thread later, you just have to click “Show Results” if you want to see the current polling results.

The results of the polling so far are interesting.

Even more fun: installing discourse (the forum software) in a Debian VM and playing around with the admin features (and currently disabled stuff like anonymous mode).
Did you know that there is a (currently disabled, I think) admin setting so that if you reply to a notification email, it posts it right to the forum?

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Nice! I like the poll feature.

I should note that I’ve only had 1.4.

Just FYI: Anyone who wants to can make their own poll in the future. It is very easy.
I just was messing around.

I voted 1.4 just because I haven’t tried 1.5 yet. I am almost positive 1.5 will be my favorite yet once I have tired it.

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Brand new to Soylent, so I do not have anything to compare it to, so I chose 1.5.
I chose that I am very satisfied with Soylent so far on second question.
On the third, I feel that health is my most important concern, followed by cost.

I find the results so far interesting. 1.4 and 1.5 are virtually tied even though 1.5 has been shipping out for not very long. I wonder if some people are choosing 1.5 before they taste it?

Also, its good to see Soylent satisfaction at such a high (as of right now above 77%) satisfaction level.

The fact that people value health more than cost, convenience, or taste, is also interesting, but likely what I would have predicted.

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Yes, 1.5 is too new to be included in this poll, imo…

Well, that’s ok. It was really just a test of the polling feature. Obviously, it can be re-run at a later time if desired. Given the rave reviews so far of early 1.5 adopters, I am guessing the 1.5 numbers will do nothing but go up, but only time will tell, of course. The numbers are interesting, nonetheless.

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