Soylent popping... Surprising delivery sounds


So, I received one of our subscriptions (14 day) and after taking the 7 day boxes out of the shipping box and setting them on the kitchen counter, I was surprised to hear a popping sound. They had been sitting on the counter for 15 or 20 minutes unopened when I heard it. At first I thought it was possibly one of the oil bottles and was hoping to not find a slick in one of the boxes.

Upon further investigation after opening both boxes I noticed that 3 of the seven bags of soylent in one of the boxes was not sealed (no air / vac seal) although there was no evidence of a tear or powder explosion. Some of the bags do appear to have the clear plastic coating on the bag surface bulging or separating, but not in an obvious way.

I assume the change in elevation from the factory where they were sealed to my current elevation (probably 4000-4500 ft difference) is what caused the bags to fall victim to pressure the pressure change and pop. I am curious what others may think though as maybe the mixture may be off in the bags and some sort of reaction may have caused increased pressure? Not sure but would like someone elses input. I know from my personal experience so far that the month supply of v3 that I have already received and have been consuming is pretty gassy, but I didn’t think the bags had a mind of their own and were popping out of their packaging too… :smile:

C14295P01 is the product run # listed before the exp date of 10/2015 on both of the 14 day subscription boxes as well as the month subscription bags that I have already received beforehand and have been consuming.

Anyone else have the pleasure of spontaneously popping (double p, not o) bags? I will probably let support know about this as well and I am not sure if I am very excited about us consuming the stockpile we now have… as I am not sure what the root cause is. @Soylent


My guess would be the change in altitude and the presumably warm temperature of your home (compared to outside) caused the pressure inside the bags to pop a faulty heat seal. It’s hard but not impossible to vacume seal a bag of powder.


@jaskru The fact that 3 of your Soylent bags popped on your kitchen counter is very strange. Thanks for taking the time to let us know and for including the run #. We’ll be looking into what might have caused this and how we can prevent it. In the meantime, we’ve scheduled 3 replacement bags to ship out to you this week. Feel free to email for further support. Thanks again and sorry about the inconvenience!