Soylent, Potassium, and High Blood Pressure

I’m taking Losartan (high blood pressure drug) with potassium at a dose of about 100mg. I know that because I’m taking Losartan, I need to watch my potassium levels. I also excerise 3-5 times a week. Is there anything I should be mindful of? Ideally, Soylent will help reduce my overall bloodpressure and I’ll be better off! At least, I hope that’s the case! Anybody in a similar situation? Anyone have suggestions?

I was taking BP medicine when I started soylent. After loosing 25 pounds and having a regular 100%RDA of potassium/calcium/magnesium I had to get off BP medication because it was getting too low (100/60). Now I’m med free and never been healthier :smile:

Also 100mg of potassium does not seem like a lot, to supplement my potassium I drink 2 11oz containers of coconut water which have 620mg of potassium each along with potassium citrate in my soylent.


BP = Blood Pressure. I was trying to figure out what British Petroleum medicine was and I was pulling a blank.

Yea. I have no idea how much potassium the pill has, but it has 100mg of blood pressure medication. I also exercise.

EDIT: The danger is getting too much Potassium. I’m not sure what I should be looking for. Not that I’ve received my shipment, anyway.

Google is your friend. Ask it about your medication it will tell you!

One of the key things to watch out for with potassium is your blood pressure going too low. I know that in your situation that probably sounds like a good problem to have, but fainting is worse than it sounds. I’m not a doctor, so take this with(-out in your case) a grain of salt, but it might not be bad to buy yourself a blood pressure cuff and measure yourself every 15 min or so as you ease into a Soylent diet. I’d wager that you won’t experience any side effects (esp if you ease into it) and that you’ll get results similar to NomNom.

When I get mine, I will be monitoring impact to blood pressure and weight. I hope to reduce both and get off of my meds.

@NomNom how long did it take you to drop 25 pounds and get off your meds?

3 months to drop the weight, I didnt want to do it too rapidly. After that I had to slowly taper off the Beta Blocker over a period of 1.5 months, didn’t want to have a heart attack :wink:


Years later. Did Soylent help with the BP?