Soylent Powder: Cafe Mocha


Soylent Powder Cafe Mocha is here!



Unfortunately it contains coffee, which stops me from buying it. However, it is good to see more powdered Soylent released into the wild,


Ah man at first glance I thought it said Matcha.

Waaaaaaay too much caffeine in the Cafe Mocha/Vanilla products for me (Chai is fine though).

But yeah, still cool to see new products (well not really a new product but you know what I mean).


I must agree, hopefully this is the start of a powder avalanche


After vowing not to, I bought Cafe Mocha anyway. I am on my second serving today. I liked the flavor and am tolerating the jangled feeling the caffeine gives me.

There is a theoretical problem for those of us who drink a lot of soylent daily. Normally, I make one container of soylent, which can last a couple of days. If I have mocha but don’t want a jolt of caffeine every meal, I have to have two containers, one for non caffeinated Soylent. I don’t have two containers, so I would have to buy another, which would take extra fridge space and would be an extra hassle.

Alternative, I would have to get used to the caffeine jolt with every Soylent meal when I drink Mocha. I don’t like that either.


Could you not adapt a new habit of making a single serving size once in the morning? Like in a shaker bottle, shouldn’t be as hard as putting on a pot of coffee and that’s a pretty average thing to do for most people.


How much caffeine is in the Mocha (bottled or powder)? My only reference is the 200mg tablet I take in the morning as I’m not a coffee drinker (and I’m cheap).


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