Soylent Powder products


I was interested in purchasing the soylent powders on the website. Do they ever go on sale? It’s more than I can afford sadly… Are there any DIY solutions with similar taste?


I’ve seen discounts for your first month be made available in the past, but that’s about it.

EDIT: Actually, come to think of it, that might have just been the bottles. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, maybe Carnation Instant Breakfast + Milk?


Carnation Instant Breakfast? Really?

Try these products, all complete nutrition sorted by price


Something wrong with Carnation?

Here’s another list if you’re wanting a list of products, @Minalia


I can’t believe that list includes Ensure and several diet shakes including SlimFast. Seriously? Very few of the names in that Labdoor list are “complete” in the sense that Soylent, Huel, Super Body Fuel, JimmyJoy etc are complete nutrition.


Eh, they’re probably just looking at products with the “meal replacement” label. Also, it really shouldn’t invalidate other products just because some (like Soylent) go the extra mile to be nutritionally complete. That being said, I’m just throwing options out there. It’s easy enough to double check if the nutrition facts match your nutrition goals.


If you are interested in having powders and cannot afford Soylent I would follow @davecortesi’s advice and look to buy other brands. My recommendations (for the price) would be:

-Milk Fuel (by Superbodyfuel). As cheap as $0.8/400kcal (plus the price of milk that you need to add, 2cups).

  • Plenny Shake (by Jimmyjoy). $1.43/400kcal without subscription. More carbohydrate heavy than Soylent.
  • Huel Powder (by Huel). $1.69/400kcal without subscription (10%). Slightly more expensive than the other too.

Also worth looking:

  • Athlete Fuel by Superbodyfuel.

EDIT: Considering you are looking for a meal replacement that looks at all the aspects and tries to ensure a balance nutrition per meal. Not fully familiar with some of the other brands, but I think it is worth consuming from those companies that go the “extra mile” to deliver a round up nutrition.


You should at least try some of the powders if you haven’t. I think Cacao is the most popular. I don’t know how much you would be consuming so it’s hard to tell what is too expensive for you.


So, I’m gonna try some of the Soylent powder first. I got a referral from a friend for the $20 off first order so that helps. Thank you all for the input. I’ve had bad experiences with some of the meal replacement stuff tasting unholy :stuck_out_tongue: Just trying to avoid that! I suppose it’s difficult since people have such varying tastes.


Not seeing the prices you quoted. Where did you see those?


ll my prices are calculated for 400kcal in order to be able to compare them. for Milk Fuel. The recommended meal is powder + 2 cups of milk. 1 meal is $1.25 for 500kcal so $1 for 400kcal ( 1.25*400/500). With subscription this price goes down to $0.8/400kcal or $1/500kcal + the cost of milk. or Jimmyjoy second for discount. Each meal is $1.5. I guess they’ve changed the prices a bit. This is without the 15% discount you could have for subscription. ($10 off discount). I think I was wrong in this one (sorry). It’s $1.88/400 kcal meal and $1.69/400 with subscription. Calculations:
2 bags 14000kcal give 28 meals= 500kcal per recommended meal. The price is $2.36/meal so 2.36*400/500= $1.88/400kcal.

Huel is good tasting but gritty. Puts some people off even if they’re ways around it.
Jimmyjoy is usually fairly easy to start with, and flavours are ok, even if they’re not the best.
SBF I have no insight on. If you use milk they will taste milkshake like no matter the flavour you choose.


Soylent is reasonably priced - under $2 for a 500 calorie meal that provides complete nutrition. Jimmy Joy (a similar product) is a little cheaper but perhaps not as good. I think the only way you could do better on price would be to make your own - and there are people out there doing that.