Soylent Powder Recipe - Feedback Required


I got really excited at the prospect of Soylent but was sad to see it wouldn’t ship to Europe until 2014, so like countless others I have embarked on the journey of making my own Soylent. Now I currently live in Italy and so sourcing ingredients has been difficult. I have found a website that ships ingredients to Italy and so far I have hit most of the targets. Though I know I’m still missing stuff like Potassium, which I have located a bottle of Potassium Citrate at the local pharmacy but it’s the other ingredients I’m at a loss for. Like Selenium, most supplements are tablets rather than powder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The currency has the dollar sign but actually all prices are in Euro’s.


You are missing and are far too low and numerous vitamins and minerals.

I can’t really help to source those in Italy. BUt you will need to add a lot of stuff before you attempt this.

As for the Selenium, I was unable to find it in powdered form as well. But the Selenium that I am ordering is powder in capsule form. So every couple of months I just sit down for an hour, watch a movie and break open the capsules so that I have it in powder form. It’s not the ideal solution, but so far it has worked. Eventually I will find a source of the powder, but I am not in a rush.


you probably have more micros in your ingredients than the labels are telling you about. i’ve been using this website to get the detailed breakdown of all the actual contents of my ingredients i’m using flax seed powder as well and there’s definitely more in it then you’ve got listed.


MyProtein is indeed a good place to get ingredients, in addition to what’s in the recipe you may want to check their dipotassium phosphate, chromium picolinate, or medium chain triglycerides for fat.

Low sodium salt is an acceptable source of pottasium, just be sure that it has pottasium chloride.

Some foodstuffs are convenient (and cheaper) too, like milk powder for protein, calcium, phosphorous, pottasium, and some others. Or cocoa powder for magnesium, manganese, and copper.

As a last resort you can import from
The shipping costs to europe are pretty high but they have almost everything.