Soylent Powder: (sold out) Back In Stock!

The website says it is back-ordered until October 25th. (Presumably 2016?)


Is it a supplier problem, or too much demand?

(hopefully it’s too much demand :blush: )


I wonder if all the publicity from the recent Coffiest and Bar releases strained their logistics and caused a depletion? Who knows.

I literally, yes literally shit a brick :wink: until I read:

If you are a current Powder subscriber, don’t worry: you will not experience any shipping interruptions.

(I literally am not using the word literally correctly… literally.)


It’s a way for RL to get more people to subscribe to 2.0, Food Bars, and Coffiest - there more expensive (profitable?) products. :grin:


Well you literally are using it correctly. Literally. Check out the definition of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary. No shit. Literally.

The only way you can accurately say “literally” now, and have it mean what it meant prior to 2011, is to say “non figuratively”).

Smh. Sigh.


That literally sucks.


Well shit!

I cancelled mine to later add the discount I just now found out about.

This is going to send me else where.

what discount is this?

Soylentcommunity1 … 10% off I believe

thanks fellow lenter. I’ll remember you when I grow tits from soy overload

I wonder if they reduced production when Coffiest and the bar launched because they thought that was where the demand would be, and found that they actually got a bit of a powder demand uptick.

Pure speculation of course. Fun!

You are describing what they did with 2.0. Coffiest or bars and powder are not fungible.

I keep drinking it, but I still don’t lactate. Such a disappointment… :sob:


@conor can we please get details on the production delay?


Yeah, they took care of the mold.


They’re super fun! Oh wait sorry, I see.

Yeah good point I guess Coffiest and bars aren’t likely to change people’s existing powder orders much eh.

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Soylent Powder is Backordered

We recently experienced a slight delay in our supply chain, and new production runs are currently on hold. Because of this delay, new orders of Soylent Powder will be put on backorder. We expect Powder orders to begin regular fulfillment by October 25th.

Current subscriptions will continue to receive Soylent Powder and fulfillment will not be affected. The only difference for our current subscribers is quantity changes. During the backorder you will not be able to change your Powder subscription quantities, but can pause or cancel the subscription if needed.

If you place a subscription order now, you will not be charged and your entire order will be put on backorder. Once the backorder ends you will be charged and your full subscription order will ship. If you wish to receive other Soylent products before your Powder order, please place these orders separately.

If you place a one time order, your entire order will be charged immediately but will not ship until the backorder is resolved. If you cancel your order before it ships you will automatically receive a refund. If you wish to receive other Soylent products before your Powder order, please place these orders separately.

Soylent Powder is an integral part of the Soylent product line, and we look forward to completing our next production run as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and support.


Uhm… So today checked my 1.6 sub and it says “Next bill date Sept 24” but then part is lined out with a red “backordered” in red print next to it. Clicking on the little info button says “This product will not be included in your shipment and will be removed from your bill until it is back in stock.”

@Conor Current subscribers need not worry? I’ve got 4 bags left.

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Unfortunately the backlog is affecting all powder subscriptions.

We had a miscalculation with subscribers. Our recent Coffiest media blitz caused a surge of sales. We estimated a surge in 2.0 and Coffiest sales with a smaller uptick in powder (since we don’t really advertise it as much) instead we got a huge uptick in single orders and powder subscriptions.

We recently moved to a single factory to produce powder (we used to use 3) in order to increase quality control. The upside is better QA, the downside is if instances of sales surge happen we may end up with no powder. Generally we are very good at forecasting our sales, but this time our media push was too effective.

I know its serious issue for some of our customers who use Soylent powder for a significant portion of their daily intake. We are working to resolve this in the next two weeks. We are working on better prevention methods on our website to stop over selling product. I don’t expect this to happen with other upcoming product launches.