Soylent Preperation and Consumption Accoutrements


I should be receiving my first shipment of Soylent this afternoon. It’s great that it comes with a starter kit, but our needs don’t end there.

You need something to drink it out of. Something that will keep it cold. After some research, I’ve chosen a combination of the Zojirushi SM-KB48TM Stainless Steel Travel Mug (35 USD) and Great White Ice Whiskey Stones (22 USD). It’s likely that I won’t even need the stones with this mug, but better safe than sorry and I <3 Scotch.

You’ll also need to mix it. Sure, you can just shake it in the provided container, but that’s kind of lame. I’m going to use my Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender (33 USD) for big work, and a Portable Drink and Formula Mixer (7 USD) for when I’m not mixing a whole bag / on the go.


I thought that was the point of having the (comparatively) expensive Takeya pitcher - because it was airtight and could be used for mixing.

For transport, I’ve picked up a regular 1 litre Thermos flask and will shake that (gently) to make sure everything is mixed before pouring. Regular coffee mug, most likely. The Thermos will keep it chilled until I’m ready to drink it.

Making my first batch tonight, so tomorrow will be interesting!


My issue (and that of others from what I’ve seen) is the Takeya pitcher is very tall so it’s hard to fit in the fridge for many people.

Personally I’ve been using a couple 1pint mason jars. I’ve been mixing my Soylent as half meals and putting them in a mason jar. Sometimes I’ll mix it in the jar, other times I’ll blend it. So far I haven’t noticed a huge difference in blending vs shaking the next day. Either way I’ll get separation and have to reshake it.

I like doing it as half meals because it’s easier to keep track of how much I’m consuming (trying to watch calories). It’s easier to flavor just a small batch at a time (so far just blending in some fruit). Easier to keep it cool because I can just drink half a meal and if I’m still hungry I just grab another jar.


I’ve found you can get it mixed fairly well in the Takeya pitcher, but I still use an immersion blender to finish it off. The Takeya is too tall for any of the shelves in my fridge, but it fits nicely in the door.

I take mine to work in a Blender Bottle and leave it in the fridge until lunch time. I bought two of the Blender bottles but I might pick up a third. Once you have a batch mixed in the Takeya pitcher I might just pour out three ‘meals’ worth and have them ready to grab and go. Also good for when you want to mix up the next day’s batch but there is still some in the pitcher.


I bought a couple of Frigoverre two-liter glass pitchers. They’re squat and easily fit on a fridge shelf; and the hermetic seal is incredible. I don’t have any trouble mixing Soylent with a good two-handed shake.

Sticking with glass, I also bought a couple of Sun’s Tea 18-oz glass travel mugs with drinkhole lid. These work very well as blender bottles (I just keep my finger on the snug silicone flip top), and aren’t plastic. They’re not really “mugs”–no handle–they have double walls for insulation, and they’re easy to drink from and carry around. They and the Frigoverre are both available at Amazon as well, but are better priced at these links (and you can use the discount code XSE43231 at

I’m really happy with these. They’re easy to clean too ( sells a good bottle brush that also works well on the pitcher/jug). An immersion blender would be redundant unless I broke my arm or something and couldn’t give a good shake.


the pitcher seems to go in the fridge door. it’s way too tall to sit with leftovers etc.