Soylent Price Rise with Amazon Launchpad

Edit: Stacking subscriptions works to get back to 15% off on Amazon. Order on Amazon, not Soylent Price Rise with Amazon Launchpad

With the launch of Soylent on Amazon Launchpad, you can now get Soylent with Amazon Prime shipping, which is awesome!

However, even with the subscribe and save discount, Soylent 2.0 is now $2.70 per bottle, up from $2.42. has also been changed to reflect this new price.

For someone who orders 144 bottles a month, that adds up to almost $40 more per month! It appears my existing subscription is grandfathered, for which I am grateful, but are there any plans to decrease this price?


Soylent debuts on Amazon Launchpad:

I just saw this article about the Amazon thing. Not sure how I feel about it yet. But it might mean I could get my Soylent shipped by UPS rather than FedEx which would be great.

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We always have plans to decrease the price. But unfortunately the costs associated with 2.0 are not the same as those with 1.5. The reason the powder had such a major price decrease was because we hit a scale at which we could offer it without a negative impact.

To be clear, I am not complaining about the price difference between 1.5 and 2.0. I’m complaining about the price rise that accompanies the switch to Amazon Launchpad. Almost $0.30 per bottle.

We don’t feel it is a price rise as we have adjusted the subscription discount rates multiple times in the past.

$34 for a 12 pack. $32.30 with 5% discount. You can also get a 15% discount if you have 5 or more subscriptions. So could be as low as $28.90 or $2.41/bottle. And then there’s the potential for still more - the Amazon store card gives 5% off (though I think you need to be a prime member for the 5%). One of my cards gives me 10% on Amazon (on up to $1500) from July - September.


Oh, and to get the 5 subscription 15% discount on Amazon, you could have 5 subscriptions for a 12-pack each.


I canceled one of my 6 box orders with Soylent directly and subscribed with amazon. With the 15% discount I save 60 cents an month. The only possible disadvantage is that is if Soylent raises the prices again I won’t keep the lower price like I do with Soylent directly.

Pretty sure this is wrong.

Assuming a one box order (12 bottles), you were saving 15% of $34, or $5.10. If you now save 5%, that is $1.70.

So $5.10 - $1.70 is $3.40.

Ah, I didn’t think about stacking subscriptions on Amazon. Good point. This implements the scaling discount that I’ve always thought Soylent should bring back anyway, and gets me back to my original price point.

I should note that even smaller subscriptions can get this benefit – just order 5 boxes once every 5 months and you’ll get the discount. They last a year, so it should be fine.

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He’s saying you can save 15% by stacking subscriptions on Amazon. Amazon’s subscribe and save gives you up to 15% off if you subscribe to enough things. Also, if you are receiving soylent this way anything else you add to subscribe and save will immediately hit the 15% discount, which was harder before unless you used the service a lot.


What? The price went up. How is that anything other than a raise in the price?


It does seem like a bit of a cop-out. I don’t ever remember the price of a single box going up in this way. The biggest change to subscription discounts I can remember was removing the discount on bulk orders.

That said, you can still get the old price, but not from, and you have to jump through some amazon hoops.

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@inod3 said you can save 15% by stacking subscriptions. Where does @keenin get " I save 60 cents an month" from? There is no math that comes up with 60 cents/month.

Before Amazon it was $29 for a 12-pack after the 15% subscription discount. RL was rounding to a full dollar. Looking at my order history every order has been rounded to a dollar.

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From Soylent it was $174.00 a month for 6 boxes, $29 a box. On Amazon the price is 34 dollars a box. Since I subscribe to more than 5 I get a fifteen percent discount which comes out be $28.90 per box. So it saves me 10 cents a box times 6 boxes is 60 cents.


Thanks. I read “one of my 6 box orders” as one box (of six). You meant “one of my 6-box orders” since I see now you have multiple 6-box subscriptions.

It looks like this will make Soylent 2.0 more expensive for the vast majority of new customers. What’s the upside, exactly? Did they do this to accelerate international shipping? Were they having trouble with people not trusting Was RL having more trouble keeping up with shipping than I’d realized?

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My guess is that they simply found 2.0 more expensive than they expected, so they were either losing money or had insufficient profit. I am now apprehensive that they will raise prices when 1.6 is released, and my economic situation might make me quit buying Soylent.


[quote=“codemaker, post:20, topic:25595”]Was RL having more trouble keeping up with shipping than I’d realized?[/quote]This is probably at least part of it. There’s been plenty of complaints about shipping. Like having old stock of 1.5 going out.

But mostly i imagine it’s to get it into a mainstream store.