Soylent Pricing plan


What is the ETA of the next price drop? What are Soylents future pricing plans overall? I love Soylent but the $300/month price point hits me hard. I’m tempted to even bit the bullet and start cooking meals, bringing me down to ~$65 a month. That’s a lot of money for an extra hour a day, albeit an hour I don’t want to lose. I would be more likely to stick with Soylent if I had a date to look forward to.


Subscription is more like $255 or around that. Depending on where you live.

That being said, I too look forward to the price drop that they talled about


Do you eat 2000 calories of Soylent a day? If you don’t, for example if you only eat 1500 calories of Soylent per day then your 28 day order will last for 35 days bringing the price to about $7.3 per day. ( assuming your ordering by subscription at $255 per month).

As far as I know there is probably no price reduction coming any time soon. I think most of there efforts now are on expanding production.


I know this has been discussed already at length around these parts, but where in the world are you that you can eat well for $65/month???


Seriously; I consider myself a bit of a tightwad and even I budget $8-$10/day/person (though that does include shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc…).


Also, you have to consider the value of your time. By your own estimation, that will cost you 1 hour per day on average in extra cooking, buying products, cleaning, etc. (Not an unreasonable estimate.)

That is an average of 30 hours per month. At $10 an hour in value (likely a low estimate for most people), that would be $300 in lost time right there that you could have spent doing something else. I personally value my time at much higher than $10 an hour, making the small difference in price for buying/making food vs Soylent a great deal.


At 6ft 170lbs I need ~2.5k to maintain my weight. With 2k I should be loosing about a pound a week. And if I don’t eat a meal a day then I won’t be able to subscribe cost effectivly.


Honestly, if you can eat for $65/month, I say go for it. Assuming you are a male 19-50 years old, that is a fraction of what the average single male pays per month.


But we have to take earning potential into account. I can’t work more than fourty hours in a week. If I spend that time and come out a few hundred ahead then it’s more than I could have made had I spent it… well, gaming, that’s what I would be spending it on.


That’s what my roommate is paying. Cost of living is pretty low in the St. Louis area, I’d have to supply most of my protein with chicken and use mostly canned produce, but I don’t mind preservatives.


Just FYI, you can use and get the exact calories per day you need to maintain or lose weight. (Not necessarily for you, but others that might not know it is available.)


Where do you get your canned chicken? For instance, even at Walmart (link), 12.5 ounces of canned chicken is $2.38 and only provides 60 calories.

Buying fresh chicken and preparing it yourself would be cheaper, but I still don’t know how you get to around $2 a day doing that.


Frozen chicken, canned produce, and ALDI’s. Don’t get me wrong. Soylent is much better but I’d rather be putting some of that money away.


I attempted to. I have no idea how much you make, though. Assuming you can really live on $65 a month, which I find hard to believe, then $255-$65= $190…$190/30=$6.34…Surely, your time is worth more than $6.34 an hour.

Says who?
You could get a second job, start a business, go to school (increase earning potential for future), etc.

Yes, I didn’t say you had to spend it working. Potentially leisure time is even more valuable to you than work time. (Even greater value to you than the $6.34/hr quoted above.)


I know what you’re saying, it just depends on your priorites. Stress reduction is important to me and that extra $6 a day is the difference between worrying about money and not worrying about money. Same with a second job, I could get another job but if I did I would be more stressed. I’m buying soylent now to reduce the stress of grocery shopping (which I loathe) but if it causes me more stress financially it isn’t worth it. So if I have a day I can look forward to and say “Ok, Soylent price goes down in a few months so my current lifestyle is sustainable, even if something comes up.” then that will tip the scales in soylent’s favor.


Someone recently posted a DIY recipe under $2.50 per day.

Still doesn’t get you quite as low as $65/month though. Close though! I think $65/month is within the realm of possible. Difficult though. Especially if you’re including meat like frozen chicken in it.


Cool. I am not trying to dissuade you from what you feel is important, just trying to throw out options you might not have thought of.
In terms of stress, let’s say you spend an average of one hour a day doing a freelance job that you don’t find stressful. Whatever your skill is (programming, web design, babysitting, picking up trash and hauling it, literally whatever.). You would make more, save more, and be less stressed than spending that average of one hour a day buying/cooking/cleaning up food.

If you truly find buying/preparing/cleaning up food less stressful, then there are plenty of people willing to pay you much more to do that for them.

In other words, there might be more options out there besides the binary decision you are presenting yourself with.

Also, if you consider DIY soylent, then the cost comes down even more.


If you want cheap, @axcho has you covered with his Cheap Fuel


Regardless of whether or not soylent is reasonably priced (I still don’t understand why that topic is so controversial), I think we can all agree that cheeper is better.

Being able to spend more on our hobbies and loved ones is really nice. For this reason, I support RL’s decision to make lower prices a priority.

Besides, if soylent is ever going to solve world hunger as has been suggested, being reasonably priced for the average single male is far from cheep enough.


Do Soylent representatives frequent the forums? Is there an official statement on pricing in the future?