Soylent Prime Day Deal

So, I know Prime day is now half over, but it’s possible that some might see this in time to take advantage of the deal. Currently most Soylent flavors (bottles, not sure about the powders) are 35% off for Prime Day. While the prices will appear the same in the listing, once you go to checkout it will take off the 35%. The only downside is that they limit you to 3 cases per flavor, I tried to stock up for the month but they only let me buy 3.

So, those of you that want to get a few cases of Soylent for a good deal, well you have about 22 hours to act!


Extra 40% off first box of Squared (have to do subscribe & save option) on top of Prime Day savings.

I just got a box of chocolate brownie for $6…

FYI everyone, I was astounded to just discover that they DO give you the Prime Day discount even on subscribe & Save items that won’t arrive until next month. So I’m getting 15% off from S&S, plus 35% off for PD, plus 6% cash back for using my Amazon Visa Rewards card. Holy cow… more than 50% off on one box of each flavor!

An additional note, RTD Soylent is also a PD deal, so I’m queueing up a box of every one of our flavors next month for under $20 and that’s before the 6% cash back on the credit card. Yowza,

Oops slight correction - in my haste I didn’t realize, it’s only for Cacao, Regular, Strawberry, and Vanilla. So none of the Cafe flavors. Ah well, still a sweet deal.

Thanks for the heads up!