Soylent production process

I was wondering: How is Soylent’s production process like? Do they just mix powders, or is there any other important step in the process involved?

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I don’t know exactly, but it looks something like this:

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I wonder too. How do they mix the powders?

I never clued in before to the fact that the video starts with shots of a river before heading into the factory. Maybe 2.0 is made using river water. 100% natural and organic!


Don’t like natural and organic? Those are words that mean safe and nourishing! They describe things with magical healing properties such as cyanide!


Achieving a random and homogenous mixtures of powders is a complex procedure. Soylent 1.5 would require roughly 30 specific mixing operations for specific periods of time, combinations of ingredients, and order of mixing. An energy input lateral to gravitation is required to enable a shear of particles. The energy must be enough to overcome adhesion and cohesion between the particles. However, excess energy input will cause a segregation and nonrandomization of the particles.

From the reports on this forum of intrabatch nonuniformity, I believe that it is doubtful that Rosa Labs and their copacker(s) perform optimal mixing procedures to randomize the mixture. Throw it all in the drum mixer and let 'er rip for several minutes would perhaps correspond more closely to their actual mixing procedure.


Could you describe the process on a quantum mechanical level?

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you can’t see the quantum, man. You just, can’t see the quantum!

But no matter how difficult it is, when are you coming out with the product that does it all?

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