Soylent progress update: copacker & ingredient testing


Hey guys, have some information to share with you regarding our manufacturing process. We’ve chosen RFI as our copacker, they’ve been around for about 25 years and are well respected in the industry. We’ve been working with their management and food scientists for the past few weeks, honing in on the final Soylent formula.

Their suppliers are all top-notch, and their laboratory and factory are awesome (@johncoogan and matt both went and toured their facility last week, we’d share pictures but they weren’t allowed to take any), they have been and will continue to be a fantastic partner moving forward.

We have another, more detailed, update on the manufacturing process and timeline in the works, hopefully we’ll be posting it to the blog/facebook/here by the end of the week – I just wanted to get something out today :smile:

Also, here’s an example of the types of tests that will be run on every Soylent ingredient:


Thanks for the update. Good to hear that things are proceeding apace.


Thank you very much for this update! It looks like you picked a really cutting-edge copacker in RFI. Their product line and vertical integration approach are stunpning. The variety of products they have on offer is good, even though I found myself wishing for various specific items I didn’t find in their product lineup; I expect that lineup may be constantly expanding. Their choices are impeccable so far.

I hope you guys decide to include their Chocamine in the final Soylent formula – it looks like a stunning product.

Also I note with great interest their Fermapro line of fermented products and fermentation services. Their list of advantages of fermented products specifically included:

  1. Neutralizes phytic acid, a plant compound found in grains that blocks absorption of minerals.

So RFI would probably be capable of producing in-house a fermented and dried oat powder that would be quite low in phytic acid! Have you discussed the phytic acid issue with their food chemists? I am quite excited to discover that your copacker is not only aware of the issue but fully equipped to deal with it decisively.



The phytic acid thing is indeed good news.

Also, that document is dated 12/20/2013. That is even better news as Soylent allows you to travel into the future.


I feel like I’m preparing for an astronaut mission :smiley: I’m so excited!


I am so glad I am not the only one that saw that.


Yeah, I noticed that too – everyone makes typos I guess!


Looks great!

And, I too hope in the end there will be a high-end product that includes all the nutrition bells and whistles. Fermentation and other things sound super, but in my time lurking around here I’ve often noted seemingly obsessive concern over cost. I understand that concern, but am hoping for an option in the end that really won’t compromise my health at all. In fact I’m hoping for the opposite, but I still have serious concerns that something like soylent can cover all necessities for max-health.

I see they do organic!

Any talk yet of phytochemical nutrients?


@JulioMiles Well? Where’s the promised update? Can’t seem to find it on Facebook, here, or the blog… :unamused:


Hence the qualified “hopefully” – we’re still working on it, I understand your impatience but you’ll have to bear with it for a while longer yet.


Yeh, guess we’ll just chill out with Charlie the Cat :yawn: “Here Yet Awhile”


I’m not looking for an update however, I am looking for something firmer as to when to expect something in return for the money we spent.

At the moment all we know is ‘August…maybe’, a firmer deadline would be nice, I for one want to plan around when I can start.


Maybe you guys can buy a scanner?


That was taken by @johncoogan while he and Matt were visiting the copacker’s facility, it wasn’t ours to keep. I think it’s perfectly legible, though…


We’ve decided to go with BPA-free bottles rather than stainless steel shaker cups – they’ve got more capacity, are more ergonomic, and we realized that since all the Beta testers (and ourselves) have gravitated towards using Nalgenes or similar, they were the obvious choice. One of these bottles will be sent to every new Soylent user because we want them to have the best possible experience, and are convinced these do the trick!

I know it’s not a nuts-and-bolts update with lots of meat for discussion, but thought you guys might like to check them out :smile:


Can you fit 1L of water and 1 “meal” worth of Soylent in those bottles? I see a 1000ml mark, but I’m thinking it would be a stretch to fit a bunch of powder in there too.


It’s pretty close, when I make a day’s supply and fill two nalgenes, I’ll have maybe 8-10 oz left over.


You should deliver a nalgene sipper with them.
I made a mess when I used this bottle first time for soylent :wink:

And: When and how can I order them in Germany?


Will it include a wisk ball or similar mixing device? Whether you find them in boobies or drink mixes, lumps are bad. :smile:


Since the mixing is done in a separate container (1 gallon pitcher is what the beta testers & soylent team have all been using), there aren’t any clumps that need to be taken care of once the Soylent reaches the nalgene. At this time it sounds like we’ll also be including a custom Soylent pitcher with all orders as well!