Soylent + Protein Supplement Diet

Alright, I am thinking of switching to soylent as meal replacement and continue taking protein (Myofusion) for workout.
I currently weigh 140 pounds, height 5 ft. 9 in.
So I am recommended to consume
200g protein
200g carbs
90g fat
Total = 2400 calories

Here is the problem: Soylent has 20g fat per serving! So if I have the normal 5 servings that’s already past my daily fat limit.

100g protein
185g carbs
100g fat
= 2000 calories

Myofusion (4 scps):
100g protein
20g carbs
10g fat
= 450 calories

So I am 20g over my fat limit.
How should I design the diet around soylent or its not a viable option for people who work out?

Personally, I would ignore the fat limit and simply subtract the extra fat from the carbs or the protein or both. Fat is in now, have you heard? But lots of people work out and consume Soylent, and I’m sure they will have suggestions.


where are you getting this 200g protein figure? if anything I would limit this. forget the protein supplement myofusion or whatever. total waste of money in my opinion, you’re already getting more than enough from the soylent. being over the “fat limit” for your diet is also not an issue. the fats in soylent are good for you. if anything cut back on carbs and protein.


Even the most well trained athlete doesn’t need more than 0.7-0.8g of protein per pound of body weight. So you won’t need more than 98-112g of protein per day. 2400 calories of Soylent will easily cover that.

For weight lifting I would recommend going DIY. You can tailor it to your needs far easier and better than with off the shelf products.

As far as a protein supplement goes I recommend unflavored Muscle Feast Premium Blend. It’s a blend of hydeolized, isolate, and casein.

Premium Blend Protein 5.0 lbs (Unflavored)


I got it from Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to size and the nutritionist at the gym agreed with it.
Most workout sites also come up with a figure somewhere close to 200g protein.

For a 180 pound man - 260g protein, 265g carbs, 110g fat - 3100 calories
For a 140 pound man - (140 * 260) / 180 = 200g protein, 200g carbs, 90g fat - 2400 calories

I was doing 2000 calories a day of 3 Soylent meals.
I added a scoop of whey protein in each glass. I guess that put me at 160ish a day. That calculator probably says I need 300.

The problem is those protein recommendations are not based on actual science.


Oh I see. Yea this is a major area of debate in the nutrition world. Honestly it seems 200g is excessive to me. Even people in the bodybuilding community are starting to admit now that about 1g per pound of body weight is the max you need. Personally, I run a 5k every single morning and lift weights for about an hour and half and have never felt like I needed more than 90 grams (I weigh 135 and I’m a 5’6 male). I’m not saying to stop listening to your nutritionists, but it’s gonna cost you a lot of money and you could probably save some by cutting out that protein supplement. Are you trying to gain muscle on Soylent, or just maintain weight while working out to be generally healthy?

This is the article I was looking for. This convinced me to cut proteins and everything has been better honestly.

And do you see any improvements or any side effects?

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My goal is to gain muscle, cut down on the body fat

Eating like this and doing dumbbells my arms started growing. A lot. Then tennis elbow. Im starting back any day now tho.

Cool pretty much my goal as well. Check out the keto diet. Very easy way to lose body fat by cutting down on carbs and protein. Less than 20g of carbs per day and about 100g of protein. Fill the rest of your macros with fats to meet your calorie limit. It sounds counterintuitive to consume an abundance of fats to lower your body fat percentage, but it definitely works


I did a spreadsheet with whey protein and different fiber to to match increased calories and better balance insoluble fiber. Then I add a small amount of salt and a low level multivitamin gummy cut into pieces to increase vitamins for increased calories. The math in the spreadsheet is horrendously convoluted, so it’s not something I’d care to share, but after tons of double checking I’m pretty sure it’s correct, but I have to be very careful when updating it to make sure I still understand the mess of calculations. I’ve got various conversions of serving sizes via volume and weight because I was originally using powdered Soylent and 2.0, and the protein is calculated based on my weight, but the fiber based on calories, but fiber has some calories in it, so I calculate that twice to adjust for its own calories. I think calculus would maybe get the fiber value more accurate, but I don’t really know calculus and the difference is probably within the margin of error of how accurately I measure out the ingredients.

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