Soylent re-shipped to Canada...arriving tomorrow


Well, for all those who were wondering, my 1 month supply of Soylent cleared Canadian Customs without issue and is on its way to me now, and should be available for me to pick up in the morning from Fedex’s local service agent after I made the call and asked them to hold it at their depot.

I’m looking forward to my first helping…:slight_smile:


Wait…did you literately complain about Canadian shipments so much that they just sent you Soylent to stop your bellyaching?


No, I bought a month’s supply from someone who wasn’t going to use it. FedEx is taking care of the rest with their customary efficiency…:wink:

I’m confident in Soylent’s ability to provide significant health benefits to myself and I’m sure it’ll be worth the premium I paid to get a head start on it…:wink:


This thread really got my hopes up. The title is misleading. Oh well, congrats on getting your Soylent early! It makes me glad to hear that shipping to Canada is not the issue; rather, it is the issue of scaling production big enough to be able to satisfy the United States and Canada.


I guess it depends upon which context you look at it…the post was intended to communicate information regarding my Soylent shipment to ease concerns some folks have about the ability of Canadians to receive Soylent in Canada as well as iterate that my shipment will be arriving in my hands tomorrow. I’m unsure if I’m the first person in Canada to receive Soylent…perhaps i’m indeed the first.

I apologize for any confusion regarding the topic’s title though…


I wanted to be the first :’( lol, congrats!


As you’ll still be one of the first few people on this forum to have official Soylent, we’d all love to hear your first impressions. :slight_smile:

FWIW: If you can manage to hold off, it’s supposed to be much better if you let it sit overnight after mixing with water.


Congrats!! I expect you’ll love it as long as you let it sit & get cold. Don’t be impatient like me LOL

Oh also, weird small world… turns out that I know the guy who sold you his Soylent. He’s using a different name than I know him as in this forum but he hit me up directly to ask if I was the same “vanclute” in here. What are the odds… LOL


Do you have dimensions and weight for a months supply?


@foodaddict How much is the shipping for USA to canada ?


No idea…it was shipped on my FedEx account. I’ll find out at the end of the month. I’m guessing $250USD-ish for International Priority.

Size and dimensions can be found here:


I now have possession of the Soylent…good times ahead!!:slight_smile:


First impression…there’s quite a bit of wasted space in each week’s box. The individual pouches could be packed much tighter together…this may reduce shipping costs a bit.

Definitely a different box design than I expected, as well…:wink:


I had the same reaction on opening my first box. WTF… so much empty space! Seemed odd to me but there’s gotta be a reason. Maybe that was the size box that was most economical for them to get in large supply? No idea.

Can’t wait to hear how your first taste goes! You should film it, I hear some nutjob on these forums has done that. :wink:


Ease of packing + settling during shipping, most likely.


I don’t think settling really has anything to do with it. You’ll see what we mean when you get a box, the pouches and oil bottles don’t come anywhere near to taking up the whole box. Not even close.


From an NPR story I heard recently, it sounds like shipping for FedEx currently goes only by weight and not by size, so price-wise they’d have no reason NOT to have a lot of empty space.

The story was talking about how that’s changing (not sure when) to include the dimensions of products too, but it sounded like it was light things that take up a lot of room (toilet paper and toasters were mentioned as examples) would be more expensive to ship.

My totally unprofessional guess would be that Soylent is probably heavy enough already to not be affected much by the change. But then, people who already have their shipment could speak to that much better than me–I expect to be waiting quite a while still for my 2 weeks shipment.


Sorry man if I had known I would have repacked in a smaller box for you! Glad it got there and you are enjoying it :smile:


It sounds like it wouldn’t have mattered since they just go by weight anyway, so I wouldn’t sweat it. :smile:


Since we didn’t have final production pouches when designing the boxes, we had to estimate sizing.

I suppose we could have postponed shipping another month to get the box size dialed in…