Soylent received on December doesn't taste good

Hi. I was going to complain about the packaging of the November’s batch because it was hard to open, but on December I received the new matte packaging that is way easier to open. I was happy, until I tried it out yesterday. The new Soylent tastes pretty bad. It’s like diluted and tastes like dirty water. Did others have the same experience or it is only my batch?

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Didja check for mold?

(Or even “MOLD”?)

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Some people have said that the new batch tastes a bit different, but your case sounds extreme. Have you tried more than one bottle?

I received 12 bottles about five days ago and they tasted fine. However, one thing that is very noteworthy about Soylent is the wide variety of reactions to its taste. I have never seen any hint that the product itself is inconsistently produced. It has always seemed perfectly uniform to me, and I’ve been receiving 100% shipments for a year, so you’d think that would be enough to make a judgement.

It seems that Soylent is a Rorschach taste test! It is neutral enough that reactions to it are highly divergent.


I just opened another bottle and I can confirm that the taste is different and not good (for what I see, it has nothing to do with mold). Fortunately, I found a box from the old batch, so I can mix them up, but I’m thinking on cancelling the next shipment and wait a little bit to make sure that next time I get bottles from another batch with a better taste.

I’ve been drinking around 4 bottles per day since three or four months ago and I can assure you that the taste is different. The bottles with a different taste are those that come with a matte wrapper. If you have those glossy ones, you are drinking an old batch (or a different one).

I’ve only had about a hundred.

I’ve had a subscription since the beginning. I’ve only noticed different flavour profiles between powdered versions.

IIRC they haven’t changed the 2.0 formula this month. (Conor posted something recently like that)

If they didn’t change the formula, they are having a problem in production. I was laughing at those that said that Soylent tasted bad, because I was enjoying every bottle, but these bottles (those that came with the matte wrapper) are almost undrinkable. It tastes like Soylent 2.0, but way too diluted, to the point that I’m feeling I’m not getting the proper nutrition and drinking just dirty water.

Could be. They’ve had some weird issues with the powdered version before - myself & others received some batches that were “discoloured”, for one:

So who knows. But, again, I personally haven’t noticed anything different with 2.0 since it came out (YEMD) so I can’t see the formulation being changed.

You have had hundreds of batches? I doubt there have been hundreds of batches.

I noticed a change as well. I thought it was just because I had a cold…

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I also got a batch with the matte packaging and weird taste. It doesn’t taste diluted to me, though, it actually tastes much stronger than the previous batch. More oaty or something.

I just assumed there was a production issue, as has happened with the 1.x versions before. Maybe I got all of your missing ingredients.

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Someone mentioned that in another thread. It looks like some people got more nutrients than others. Give me back my nutrition! :slightly_smiling:

Recently drank my first couple of bottles with the new matte packaging. I was worried because I had seen this thread, but I would say it just seems a tad thinner and a tad more nutty. It’s no better or worse as far as I’m concerned, although I’d still be concerned if this is the result of inconsistent production–what am I drinking, if that is the case? I’ll try to do a side-by-side tasting at some point.

I still have old bottles and I’m mixing them. I drink an old bottle and then a new one, and the difference is clear. I’ve sent a message to support. They offered me to replace them, but the problem is that I’m in Canada and I’m sure the bottles will come from the same place and same batch, so I told them that I’m going to wait until they replace the batch. The problem is that I don’t want to run out of Soylent :frowning:

As with the powder versions when there are batch differences, I think it’s most likely caused by differences in the ingredient source. Which is to say since the ingredients are a bunch of plants, the source crops came out slightly different that harvest and as a result the taste, color, or texture is different.


I agree. Slight taste variances are to be expected in products like this.

I had posted my thoughts about the taste difference on a different thread, but I thought I better post my further thoughts here.

The newest batch does taste different – it is diluted. Less sweetener is the culprit. The other flavors are standing out more making this batch not taste as good.

After downing another one this morning on the way to work, I realized the oil was much more presented and the oat flavor as well. With water.

I think some ingredient was not measured correctly when this November batch was made. That or some Temperature difference occurred during manufacturing.

I don’t see Coca Cola changing flavors over the course of production runs, so I don’t expect Soylent to be either. Unfortunately this November batch in fact is different. I hope the next run gets things right.

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This sawdust taste has been present in the canadian version of soylent 1.5 for a few months now. It is far less potent in 2.0 but I can definitly taste it. Soylent is well aware of the issue and hopefully they are working to correct it. I am surprised with how few people are complaining though, to me it’s a pretty massive taste difference. Hopefully it’s not so few people that they decide to leave it be.