Soylent Recipe Consolidation


I hope to experiment with using soylent for baking. I have seen various allusions to soylent cookies and such here, and it seems like a good way to add variety to my soylent intake. I do not think I am alone in this. It would be helpful if there was a single place where people could post their soylent recipes for other people to try. Ideally, this would have a way for people to rate the recipes, make comments, and perhaps flag a recipe if it is doing something nutritionally unsound.


Like ?


Not recipes for soylent, recipes using soylent.


I would imagine you’d use the same site but just use the recipe write-up/description area to post the mixing/baking instructions.


Sure, create new recipes using “n grams official Soylent 1.0 powder” as an ingredient, along with the amount of water, oil mix, flavorings, etc.

Ideally Soylent would add the Soylent 1.0 powder and oil mixes as ingredients to the DIY site’s ingredient database for just such uses.


IIRC, @isaackotlicky might potentially be able to share some such Soylent-based recipes.


Yep, I’ve got a thread of my “soylent green” recipes, but I’ve been adding some some generic ones. I can’t speak to any recipes with the official Soylent (I wasn’t a backer due to kosher requirements), which is designed to be sweet neutral by default, though I suppose turning it into a brownie would be VERY easily done. I’ve got some basic combinations on my recipe notes, and the soylent green thread is here.

But why not start a soylent wiki-cookbook? That would be fun!



Your recipe notes link seems to be broken somehow.


Thanks. Should be fixed now.

For the record, my favorite basic recipes were salsa soylent, pizza soylents, and the one time I added in a no sugar added cherry pie filling. Heaven. I’d probably change the ratios on the key lime pie for the next time I make it.

Also, I now have a small bottle of liquid sucralose, thanks to Passover. I’m going to see how well it works in the next few weeks.