Soylent Recipe Critique?


While looking for a good, one-source DIY Soylent recipe, I came across and this recipe:

It looks decent, but I also know very little about making Soylent. So, I was wondering what everyone on here thought of this recipe, and if you could suggest better ingredients, or adding anything else. Thanks for the help!


there is another resource for soylent recipes at all the recipes here are submitted by DIYers, they are in various stages of completeness but you can sort them by their completed percentage.

by “one-source” im assuming you’re meaning all ingredients can be sourced from the same place? i’m not sure you’ll find anything like that until the official Soylent is released. my recipe is largely sourced locally because i know i’ll forget to order things online in advanced and i dont want to get caught without something. making your own soylent that is tailored to your needs and also safe is still a process of research and investigation presently. it may be some time before there are simple one-click sources for different types of recipes.