Soylent recipe feedback please


Here’s what I came up with based on the Canadian friendly recipe…


I’m about to post my own recipe for feedback, so I think it’s only appropriate that I respond to someone else’s :smile:

Overall, it’s pretty inclusive! Some thoughts:

  • You’ve got a lot of fiber, which may be uncomfortable if your body
    isn’t used to that much. Not knowing anything about you and speaking
    generally, I’d cut the Psyllium Husk down to 20g.
  • I’m not sure why Rob’s recommended so much Iron, and of course it all depends on your
    personal situation, but you might not need that much. I feel like
    10mg would be plenty (I used the US template for RDAs) but get all
    the feedback you can.
  • See how much of the Vitamin A coming from your multivitamin comes from beta carotene. Apparently you can dismiss any of that amount (since you’re right up against the max threshold).
    That’s just for peace of mind… obviously you’re not getting any
    more than the max.
  • Vitamin D/K balance is good (People say 100mcg of
    K for every 1000IU of D).
  • Oat Flour has 150mg of Omega-3 and 3190mg
    of Omega-6 for every 100g.

This last bullet point is the most salient (and the biggest one I’m trying to solve on my own): Nutrient information can be scarce or conflicting, and it’s very difficult to tell if you’ve got all the numbers right. No great advice here, just research research research.


The omega 6 / omega 3 ratio (5.66 before accounting the oats) is too high. Try replacing some olive oil with flaxseed oil and/or coconut oil/MCT.

Probably you need to add more vitamin D. The recommendations are conservative, and assume a moderate ammount of sunlight. Ussualy it’s not enough, especially on higher latitudes.

The ratio between vitamins A and D is important too, they work better when are balanced. You have way too much vitamin A.

Phosphorous is low. Try adding dipotassium phosphate and lowering the potassium gluconate.

Adding a bit more magnesium could be good.

Manganese is too high for comfort. Copper too.

Considering the amount in protein, maybe the sulfur don’t need to be that high.

Could you share the link about that? Seems interesting.


I swore I saw this on the soylent forums, but turns out it was on a couple Amazon reviews as I was looking up Vitamin K supplements. In the reviews of this product:

Mike Flenniken comments on the 100 to 1000 K/D ratio. He gets this information from the author of this book:

Although the ratio isn’t in the book itself, the author (according to the commenter) apparently backs that ratio. But I realize that this is not a reliable source, so I would take it with a lot of salt. I also realize that there has been no universal consensus on K/D ration, nor on the A/D ratio. I’m planning on doing my best to pick what I feel are good ratios, then adjust as more nutrition science is done.



  • Dropped the Psyllium Husk down to 20g
  • I actually haven’t used any ferrous gluconate yet, I’ll look into that more.
  • 5000 of it is beta carotene, I adjusted the nutrition information
  • Updated the nutrition information on the Oat Flour


  • I don’t see where you get this ratio of omega 6 / omega 3 from? It looks pretty balanced to me, especially with the fish oil there… Wouldn’t adding flaxseed/coconut oil actually increase that ratio?
  • I’ll see where I can maybe get some more Vitamin D from. Calgary is a pretty sunny city though


Some more feedback for you, Myst:

As I said, I’m often confused about accurate sources of information for nutrition. That being said, I like the USDA information available on According to , Oat Flour only has .4mg of Copper/100g. If true, that would bring your copper way down.

Another thing to consider is which multivitamin you want. Every one has a different set and quantity of nutrients, so you may want to find one that has less Manganese (as per the suggestion of @Teseracto). Of course, you may have changed this up a bit since the first time I looked at your formula… I see you’re down to 5000 IU of Vitamin A. Did you change the multivitamin?

Regarding Choline: I got the same numbers you did for Choline on the Soy Lecithin, but this manufacturer: Says that it provides 50% of the RDA of Choline per 8g. If you take 15g of that (and you trust the self-reported numbers), you wouldn’t need the Choline Bitartrate at all.

You made a typo on the Omega 3 in Oat Flour. 100g should have .150g, not 1.50g.



One more piece of information about Vitamin A (hey, I’m learning at the same time!):

Using this as a source: It appears that you can’t dismiss beta-carotene from supplements entirely. Looks like it’s lost at a 2:1 ratio… so 5000 IU from beta-carotene is equivalent to 2500 retinol (which is what the rest of it should be). So you’re likely at 7500 IU with your current multivitamin.


I misread the amounts in the recipe, that ratio is for amounts in the max column. Anyway the amount of omegas in olive oil and lecithin aren’t accounted, both rich in omega 6.

Fish oil is good because it has long-chain omega 3 (EPA & DHA), but the actual amount is small.
Flaxsed oil is rich in omega 3, and coconut oi is neutral.

Additionaly lecithin and olive oil (if virgin oil, not refined) both have some amount of vitamins E and K1.


Yeah I noticed that there were some mistakes in the oat flour numbers. That balanced it out a bit better (phosphorus is now included too). Maganese is still a problem though.
This multivitamin is really hard to work with… I might have to look at what else is available when it runs out.

Sounds like there’s 2.3g of Phosphatidyl Choline in the Soy Lecithin, but I’m having trouble figuring out how much Choline that is… saw some data that it’s about 13.5% so I think you’re right and my Lecithin would actually cover my Choline but I think I’ll just reduce my Choline Bitartrate until I get solid numbers on this. I can’t find solid numbers for the Omega 6 vs Omega 3 in Lecithin though, but yes it seems that my ratio is way out of whack now. Looks like I should get some flaxseed oil to balance this out!


I chose flaxseed for the O3/O6 balancing magic, the soluble fiber, and the flavor. Only a small amount of the psyllium husk powder.


Was playing around with the formula a bit more as I need to restock on some ingredients. I don’t see how you can rely on flaxseed for fiber at all, it contains a very small amount of fibre comparitively to the omega-3 fatty acids, anymore than 5-10g and I shoot WAY over my daily intake limits, and still only end up with a fraction of the fiber I need a day.


I don’t know how Rob chose his daily intake of Iron, but in a previous discussion here, JosephK recommended 14.4mg/day for men and 32.4mg/day for women. You can see his reasons and source there.

I also bump my intake up a bit more because of what he mentioned about physical activity (I lift weights, run and dance), but as he said, there isn’t much information available on that so it may be unnecessary.


I didn’t consider O3 or O6 limits when I made up my recipe, because I didn’t know about them. I’m revisiting it for that reason. I managed three days on the recipe before I had to quit for other reasons, but now I’m going back to look at it again.