Soylent Recipes category?


Since more people are getting Official Soylent, there are more recipes popping up. Should a new category be created to share Soylent-based recipes? It would make them easier to find.
Anyone have an opinion for or against the category? Think it’s be worth making?

Maybe new Soylent subsite idea

I’d like to see that.


Sounds like a good idea.


Isn’t there one called DIY already?


Not really the same thing though is it?


You’re completely right. My bad.


I’d love to see such a category


I’d second an interest in it.


Since it looks like others agree with me, I’ll tag those necessary for the change:
@JulioMiles @rob @ana @codinghorror
Can we get a “Soylent Recipes” category?


I have a question about this. I am unclear.

Is it for

  • people who want to create something “similar to” Soylent, e.g “recipes for making a Soylent-alike product?”

  • people who want to build recipes that use Official Soylent?


The latter; a category for using Soylent as an ingredient in a recipe such as what @leecauble1 has been posting on their tumblr:

And another person to Discourse here:

Wouldn’t the first bullet be encompassed by the “DIY” category that already exists?


This one. Sorry. I thought I was a little more clear when I wrote it :stuck_out_tongue:


:thumbsup: +1 for Soylent Plus subforum!

(Soylent Recipes is too easily confused with DIY, Mod Soylent sounds like something having to do with moderating the Discourse… call it whatever, but this new subforum is an idea whose time has come! :sunny:)


Perhaps “Soylent as an Ingredient” category?


Sure, it’s probably too long for the current category dropdown, but if @codinghorror can make it fit, sounds fine.


I prefer sub-site but cool I guess if it could work. Mod is usually short for modify in gaming. It changes games in some way. Mod soylent would mean stock soylent is being modified somehow.


Mod Soylent will work too, it will just temporarily confuse those of us who aren’t familiar.


Yeah it would only take minutes to read page and understand what it’s for.


Why not just “Cooking” as a tag? That seems clear to me.


KISS. I like it.

“Soylent Cooking” might make more sense though, it is slightly more precise without being overly verbose.