Soylent Recommendations Wanted


I’ve been 90% happy with Soylent. I find that I have more energy when eating it, especially I don’t get the midafternoon nap-needed feeling I used to have all the time.

BUT, I’m not completely happy. I’m fairly active, running, rock climbing, or lifting weights nearly every day. I’m especially serious about the climbing; for both climbing and running it’s important to keep your body fat down. After eating soylent for about half my meals over the past few months, I’ve put on 5 pounds of weight, and it’s all fat - no strength gain at all over that time, and the extra fat is noticeable in places (mostly my stomach). My guess is that the soylent has either too much carbs or too much fast carbs, and either too little protein or the protein is low quality. So what I’m looking for is something like Soylent, but with less (or more complex) carbs, and more (or higher quality) protein.

Should I stay with Soylent but mix in some whey protein (and reduce my portions to keep the calories right)? I’ve heard mention of some higher-protein non-Rosa Labs soylent-like products, does anybody have any experience with them? I’d be willing to try one if people thought it was really good.

The one thing I’m not interested in is DIY. I don’t have time to do that, the ease is one of the big draws to Soylent for me.

(And of course I’m hoping here that it isn’t the carbs in Soylent that keep me from becoming drowsy every afternoon. If my choice is 5lbs of fat or feeling sleepy every day, well, I guess I have to keep the fat on.)


Track your caloric intake. Many people are losing weight on Soylent. Weight gain is usually about trading inmore calories than you burn


I’ve only been on Soylent for a few days… but for the last few months had been using chocolate Schmoylent for half my calories… It’s the same carb/fat/protein ratio as Soylent but I’ve been adding chocolate whey protein and simply adding more than the recommended Canola oil (closer to 70-75ml vs 52). On that mix over the last 3 months I’ve lost 5-6lb and my running times have increased from over 8min/mi to under 7min/mi. Of course there are many factors involved, but it’s been working well for me and I hope moving into Soylent isn’t a step backward.

On an unrelated note… one of the side benefits of the chocolate Schmoylent was that it completely erased by nightly desire for a little chocolate snack. This actually has me a little concerned as the Soylent is rather bland and doesn’t satisfy my nightly chocolate snack craving. I’ve tried adding some of the chocolate whey and also adding some of the Hershey’s dark but can’t say I’m really satisfied (the Soylent 1.3 is already slightly bitter). I’m starting to think I may just have plain Soylent during the day then for my night snack mix it with plain old Hershey’s syrup for my chocolate fix…

P.S. looking at the big picture, it’s probably the loss of the nightly chocolate snack and the cola that would have accompanied the muggle meal erased by Schmoylent/Soylent that is most responsible for the weight loss…


There are many soylent-like alternatives now, see here.

Also, you can ask @axcho for a custom made recipe here.


Blendrunner is cool, I didn’t know about it, thanks! Unfortunately none of the blends listed have the higher protein I’m looking for; I’d like at least 30% protein. Axcho’s site is pretty great too.


Thanks, @wms! :slight_smile: You can check out the high-protein options I’ve got here:


Thanks for putting that together, @axcho . Your site is great for finding difference soylents. The people fuel premium looks like exactly what I’d like to be eating, so I’ll think hard about switching to that for a couple weeks. The price is a bit higher than Soylent but still looks manageable.

Edit: Dammit, just noticed that PFPremium has Stevia in it. Every time I eat something with Stevia my throat feels scratchy afterwards. Well there are others on your site that look good as well.


Thanks, @wms! Actually, if you want it without stevia I can do it custom - just write in the order notes that you’d like it without stevia, and I’ll do it for you. :wink: