Soylent reference in Mr. Robot Season 3 opener


Anyone else catch it? 0;23 minutes into Season 3 episode 1 “… Soylent ain’t for the faint hearted”

Too bad that it’s a suggesting that Soylent is somehow hard on the body/mind/whatever. But hey… was cool to catch. Easy to miss too, it’s a line of dialog said by a character offscreen and with a lot of background noise.


Some bottles in the episode too!


Oh wow missed that! Anyone got a screenshot? :slight_smile:



Hah! Very cool. Did the show involve you guys at all in obtaining “permission” or whatever to use the product? Or was it something they just did on their own?


We regularly send their writers room shipments, this was a thank you nod hy them.


Aha very cool of both of you! I still wish they hadn’t said Soylent was somehow hard on the body, but… take what you can get I guess.