Soylent Reorder with existing subscription?


Hi all.

After waiting a year, I’m happy to report I received my first shipment and have been very happy with it.
Question: Using the same email address as my preorder, I placed a ‘subscription’ order on the new platform months ago. Should I be doing anything to mark the subscription as a reorder, now that I’ve received the preorder? Before you flame me, because I know this has been discussed in other threads, the difference here is that my subscription was ordered way before my preorder was received. So I’m not sure at what point the system is verifying Reorder status. Thanks!



With using the same email as your backer order you will be recognized as an existing customer and your reorder should ship in 1-2 weeks. If you get 10 days out and have not heard form the team I would suggest and email to


@leecauble1 That’s a typo :slight_smile: The real email is


Thanks for catching that. Small screen big fingers