@Soylent Replacements or partial refund for bad Soylent?


As you may have read in the other thread – I got a bad batch – I got a 1-week box of Soylent 1.2, of which 3 pouches contain bad-tasting (and funky-smelling) Soylent. The first 4 pouches are perfectly fine, but then the last 3 tasted pretty bad – with a strange sweetness and a funky cardboard/wooden aftertaste.

I bought a week’s worth of Soylent, and almost half of it was foul. I am asking if I could get replacement bags for the three bad ones I received, or a partial refund?

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@ravenvii Thanks for letting us know about the bad-tasting Soylent you received, and sorry for the negative experience. 3 replacement pouches have been scheduled to ship out to you. It could take 5-6 business days to ship. Thanks again for your support!

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