Soylent Research Studies


The Soylent team mentioned that studies were being prepared/underway. What are the updates regarding that if there are any? It would be very interesting. From a common sense standpoint, nutritionally balanced, calorie restriction for longevity makes sense but research is still ongoing. Is Soylent involved in any animal studies? Thank you.


I too would love to know in the name of science :slight_smile:


The only study I know of that we have been told about is the Beta Testers and Soylent. I know @rob talked in a news video about wanting to get a formal study done with a larger group, I think he said 50,000 individuals.

What about studies that aren’t Soylent but can be related to Soylent? There was a study on two groups of mice, one group was fed a liquid diet while the other was fed pellets.


I’m curious about this as well. Even if it’s just data points (blood panel updates etc), I’d love to see some positive results to feed my confirmation bias if nothing else :stuck_out_tongue:

Fascinating. What were the results?


There was an actual scholarly website for it, but I couldn’t find it again. It basically boiled down to they where virtually as healthy, weather it was a liquid or solid diet. Though it is brought up that you should still chew gum, for there have been studies about the effects of chewing.