Soylent Salad and other "natural" foods


I put up a new complete foods recipe for what should be a fairly cheap and hearty salad.

In researching this I figured out that the database doesn’t accurately portray nutrient levels for many raw vegetables, which is the reason why the recipe appears to be low in chromium and molybdenum even though many of the ingredients are reportedly high in both.

It’s extremely high in fiber, but low in other carbs, with a majority of calories coming from the natural fats in the nuts, eggs, flaxseed and avocado.


lol i may have to try it! Could you possible add pictures to your complete foods recipe page? or does it not allow that? Kinda curious what it looks like.


All those fresh ingredients! Do you blend this? What’s the texture like? Does it keep?


This was me experimenting with what a “whole foods” soylent would look like. Thus far I haven’t made it, but I’d imagine you could basically do a tossed salad using the avocado mashed with some water and spices as dressing…

I might actually get to try this in the coming weeks, so stay tuned… :slight_smile:


Got it! My biggest thing with salad is they don’t keep very well…Lol and I love soylent cause I can prep the night before…and have it ready for the next day :slight_smile:


This seems to be a promising recipe, gotta try it out on the weekened with my mates from custom writing uk work who enjoy Soylent as it’s biggest fans