"Soylent says food intolerance—not poisoning—is why its products are making people sick"

Quartz article:


Even worse than the bad news is the photos that always accompany these articles. They do not make Soylent look appetizing at all. RL needs to up their media kit game and push for its use.

Actually it has nothing to do with the media kit. The bulk of media outlets pull images from old articles or the web.


Yeah, need to push them to use yours. They are always great these days.

That’s not really how media outlets operate. They will pick pictures they want and will request high res one from us if they want something specific from us.


There’s no way to protect your brand? You probably already send the photos when answering questions.

You can push media kits out all day everyday. But that does not mean media outlets will use them. Editors have the final choice.


What’s your speculation as to why they’d do extra work to find worse photos?

There is no need to speculate. Media outlets will use images they want to use.


Seems like they are anti-Soylent then.

I’ve seen pro-Soylent articles use old images. Connor is right. They use whatever images they feel like. I agree with you that it is annoying to see beta versions of the bags in new articles.


I never liked to use kits provided by the subject of a story.

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Did you intentionally choose bad looking ones, though?

No, but my artistic taste is questionable…


Media outlets are blatantly opposed to Soylent due to a propaganda campaign that’s been ongoing for over 40 years now. There is a sort of wide-spread meme that food can’t or shouldn’t be healthy, convenient & tasty, that any given food can only be 2 of those 3.


The golden triangle of yummy health! Choose two…

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