Soylent, Scents, and Sex


I’ve seen a surprising lack on this subject as far as user experience stories go, so I figure I would open up the discussion on it here.

To start off, my partner has noticed a change in how I smell in the various body parts where we tend to secrete pheromones, and other less than pleasant smells of sweat and general body odor. Specifically on this last bit, there’s simply less of that BO smell, and more of the pheromone (I understand these are essentially the same, but are differentiated here by the phrase “you smell more like you, but less stinky you”).

Keep in mind, that I have so far added little to no sulfur in my mix (on day 5), and as others have noticed this has an impact on other smells the body produces.

As far as sex is concerned, both I and my partner are kind of interested in how things will change; for example, like how eating a lot of asparagus has a major impact on taste of bodily fluids, stamina, general sexual arousal. This said, it’s also understood that any sort of increased physical activity or improved diet will have a relatively significant impact.

For the few women I’ve talked to, there’s also some curiosity as to how this affects menstrual flow and accompanying symptoms. As far as I understand it, there can be some correlation between diet and flow / symptoms.

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I’ll be interested to hear back once you’ve added the sulfur.


Gross. That said, it makes sense.


Well, trying to write this without being crass. Since going on soylent, my sexual partners have indicated that the taste of certain body fluids of mine have significantly improved to the point which they are ‘tasty’ as one put it.


now this is something that needs to be tested more extensively, for science! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think some crassness is perfectly acceptable for the sake of discussion and information.

We’re all still consuming, sleeping, pooping, and yes, even fucking, human beings, and if we can’t approach a subject with our full curiosity, it only does us a disservice for the sake of being ‘proper.’

@sogviper I was trying really hard not to make that joke in my original post… still laughed, though.


What is gross about that?
Don’t want to start a pan-atlantic cultural war, but where I live, the smell of a person is an important part of the sexuality (and in biology, it always was, btw), so covering it all up in a hygienical rampage to me makes a person more artificial and less real.

Having said that, I am very curious to hear more about that. I have been going with my personal dumbed-down version of Soylent and can relate, that in fact my tendency to become smelly has been strongly reduced, even though summer came. Haven’t had any feedback from sexual partners, though. Will ask (at least the recurring ones :wink: ).


I’m particularly interested in how this will affect body odor/pheromones and also its affect on PMS - as this is a frustrating and difficult time for many women…and if it shows some promise might be a promising treatment for women with severe PMS.


Oh, dear Discourse readers, after some research into the Taste of Bodily Fluids Post-Soylent (in this case, about 30 days of soylent consumption with an average of 2-3 chewable-food meals per week), my partner and I have determined that seminal fluids do indeed taste “a good bit less bitter, and substantially less salty, and much more like you-without-all-the-icky-bits”.

Soylent and bodly fluids

Hi i am 59 years old and getting to where my sex drive is slowing down and I am really curious about if this will have much affect on that as well.


Only one way to find out…


So far, in my experience and my experience with my partner, it doesn’t do much for improving libido, but it DOES substantially improve stamina (and thus performance).


do you have an update one the sexual tastes when doing oral sex? does it get better over time, ore does it become better really fast.


This is really interesting, thanks for bringing this discussion up!

How about breath, farts, and other things that tend to smell badly? It’s nice that the sperm tastes better, but I was wondering if there’s been any analyzes on the actual sperm - is it as fertile as on “regular” food?


Coming back around to this after renewed curiosity. After months on my DIY version, I can safely say in many regards soylent has had a positive effect, though in many ways by second or third degree.

  • Physical stamina is better all around, and it’s nice to take a break and go for a ‘super food’ with some water, and then get right back to having fun.
  • Sexual stamina is another matter, and considering a number of other variables, I can’t attest to if soylent has been the reason for a general increase here as well. (Though the extra physical stamina of going longer is more than enjoyed with an increase in sexual stamina).
  • Libido: Though I don’t think there’s any real direct effect here, the general intellectual and physical boost from eating healthier has a positive effect on my mood and willingness.
  • Scents:
  • Body Odor: As previously mentioned, the phrase “you smell more like you, just less stinky you” is rather apt and remains about the same.
  • Gas: Also as others have mentioned, sulfur is a testy chemical. Any time I transition from / to soylent, and don’t reduce the sulfur intake, it can get pretty heinous depending on the muggle foods eaten.
  • Tastes: Understanding possibilities of bias or general false encouragement from partners, I can note that I’ve never been told that I taste good so consistently from multiple partners. What’s interesting is this occurred even during lower carb, higher fat weeks.