Soylent scoop for Nalgene with no spills?

I have a regular-sized Nalgene water bottle. When I prepare single servings of soylent, the scoops I use are too broad so they spill when trying to pour into the Nalgene.

Is the official soylent scoop (that I can buy on narrow enough to pour into a Nalgene bottle without spilling?

If not, does anyone have any suggestions for good scoops for this purpose?


I had the same problem. I cut the top off of a 2L soda bottle and used it as a funnel :sunglasses:


I had the same problem and bought a funnel. But ultimately I gave up on that (painfully slow movement of powder through a funnel) and replaced the Nalgenes with a bunch of 28- and 32-ounce Blender bottles.

Here’s something I use for pouring powdered Soylent with the Soylent scoop into a mason jar for single servings Regular mouth mason jars can be used with an Oster blender. The base and blade screw right onto the top of the mason jar.

I use a 1/2 cup scoop like this. You could always try a 1/4 cup scoop.

I got something almost identical from Sur La Table (for about 2x the price) – the one I got fits a range of jar sizes down to about 2.5" diameter, so it would probably fit on a Nalgene bottle. (The same might apply to the one Crockford linked, I can’t tell.)

The official scoop is fairly wide.

But a spoon could work.