Soylent servings and the scoop

So I just acquired a BlenderBottle (20 oz), and considering trying Soylent 1.5 with Milk Magic to see if I can tolerate it (I can’t tolerate the taste of straight Soylent 1.5).

But I have a question about the scoops; how do they work servings-wise? Soylent 1.5 says it has 4 servings, 500 calories each, but the release notes state that each pouch has 6-8 scoops worth of powder. How does that work? I’m also guessing that’s for the 135 ml and the new 115 ml scoop, respectively?

Thanks for any clarification!

2 scoops of Soylent + 4 scoops of water is the recommended mix for a serving. The scoop is roughly 1/2 cup, so that will give you something like 16-18 ounces of Soylent, which should work fine with your 20-oz bottle (I use an extra scoop of water, but I also use 28-oz and 32 oz BlenderBottles).

And one good squirt of Milk Magic per BlenderBottle is plenty (at least it is for the chocolate and coffee flavors I use).

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It won’t be that accurate unless you weigh it, but do you need it to be exactly 500 calories?

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No, but 6 - 8 is a pretty big range. If it’s “approximately 6” servings or what you, where the last scoop might be half of a serving, that’s not a problem. But two whole servings off? That made me wonder.

It all depends on how tightly you pack the scoop.


FWIW I’ve become a bit less concerned with exact measurements these days… I figure it will even out over time and even if I’m off by a few percent, no big whoop…

When I do Schmilk I add about one scoop (plastic whey isolate scoop) into 12oz milk (any more and my mini blender overflows… but it has markings on the side so that’s easy enough).

When I add whey and olive oil to the Soylent I use about a scoop of the whey and I just pour in what feels like 30-50ml of oil… no idea what the exact amount is. Cleaning a small measuring cup used for oil (which I did for many months on Schmoylent and Soylent) is an added step I decided wasn’t worth it.

Life is more pleasant now that I don’t care so much…

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