Soylent Shaker and How to order more


So do you still get the cool shaker bottle if I pre order now? Or was that for the original backers only? And when will I be able to buy more once my original supply runs out?


Yes, I’d like to know that, too! Also, if we don’t get the shaker included, are we able to order one separately, and for how much please?


I’m pretty sure the shakers are for the original backers only. Like eighty percent sure, but maybe don’t quote me.


That information is in their blog, and jacob is correct, it’s only for the original backers.

What a month! Over the past 30 days, we’ve gotten more attention and support than we ever could have dreamed, and over 5000 people took the plunge and preordered. That means we’ve sold over 10,000 weeks of Soylent, and we don’t intend to stop here! In light of the increased attention and demand that we saw in the past few days of the campaign, we’re going to keep accepting pre-orders even after the campaign ends — though orders placed after June 21 at 9pm PDT will not include the Soylent shaker bottles, which are going to be limited to our initial Soylent backers.

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But there is no reason why they could not sell them on their website once their storefront is up and running.


Yup, we’ll definitely be offering Soylent merchandise like the shaker as optional add-ons.


Aw, boo.
/throws toys out of pram.


/puts toys back in pram again.