Soylent shelf life

I understand that you use one packet to make your 3 meals for the day; however, I want to use the packet over three days. So, if I make the whole container, will it stay “fresh” in the refrigerator for those three days? – If not, is it better to just use a third of everything when I make it for each day? Thanks!!


Some people have it last 3 days, some don’t. It’s probably a factor of fridge temperature and cleanliness of the mixing. If you keep your bottle really clean and stored in the back where it’s really cold, it’ll probably be fine.


People have reported 4 days. Lots of threads, always a good idea to use the search function if you think the question may have been asked before.

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Shelf life after mixing?

I generally try to finish a pitcher within 48 hours of making it. With sufficient refrigeration I’ve never noticed any adverse changes in texture/flavor. (Note: I’m new to Soylent and this comment only reflects recent experience with 1.5.)

I make my pitchers at night. The next day, things are exactly as they should be. The day after that, I find Soylent to be fine but with some manifest degradation developing by the late afternoon. The following morning is the tail end of what I would consider consuming; everything is very noticeably worse by then–taste, texture, etc. I have dumped Soylent due to grossness at that point. Of course, my Soylent rarely lasts that long and only infrequently into the second afternoon for that matter.