Soylent shipping bag quality going downhill fast


I’ve been a subscriber or buying Soylent second-hand since 1.0. I’ve never had issues like this. Last month’s shipment was ripped as well (though at the bottom of the Soylent bag) and last month there was also Soylent everywhere in the box. September 2017’s shipment was the first time I’ve ever had a packet ripped with Soylent everywhere so I didn’t feel like complaining and figured it would never happen again.

Only one month later this picture is now the second time this has happened again. Have costs been cut with the new 1.7 bags? Or are they exactly the same and I’m just very unlucky?


1.7 bags? We’re on 1.8, I think. I haven’t received any ripped bags.


I’ve been getting Powder for about 2 years now and have never had a busted bag. There was even a few months where I’d get a single box of powder shipped without being in an additional box. And I’m in Newfoundland, Canada.


If you contact customer service they will offer to replace or refund the order (in my experience). Email


My bad yup it’s 1.8. Mk, guess I’m just unlucky which is totally believable. Wanted to make sure. My hypothesis though is that something went wrong wherever the bag was sealed. Look at how it is opened. I find it hard to believe that would happen while it is shipped to me.

If this happens a third time in a row though… I dunno… I’ll be amazed and will post about it here.


It is possible to accidentally cut the bags while opening the box with a knife. I did that once or twice.


I did that twice. The first time I assume the bag had shipped already cut and threw it away. Of course there was no powder in the box so it was a stupid assumption. The second time I wised up and figured out I was doing the cutting. :frowning: