Soylent Shipping Blog Update 8/26


Up on the blog.

Seems they will be shipping orders by date purchased and in 2 separate tiers. People who purchased a month get priority over those with 1 week.

Its nice that they’re rewarding loyalty like this (I know I sure appreciate it, but I’m biased in that I ordered a month on the first day of the campaign) but I hope it doesn’t hurt them later on due to those on the fence about soylent (and subsequently ordered later) because they’ll have to wait so much longer.

Hopefully those of us who are among the first to receive official soylent will be good advertisement for the product.


I’d like to encourage Soylent Corp to open-source the final recipe as early as possible.

Of special interest for me is the doctors’, dietitians’, and food scientists’ input - please share what you’ve learned with the DIY community! In very long, detailed blog posts! :wink: I guess to build trust with the backers this has to be done anyway?


They made the mistake of promising an early delivery in order to get as many people to order as they could. Because of that I got tired of waiting and decided to try one of the recipes available here and am very happy with it. Because of that I doubt I will be purchasing soylent form them, I’ll simply continue to make my own.

They should of picked a much later shipment date like November and if they delivered in September or October they would have happy customers instead of irritated ones like they do now.


Exactly. What’s worse is while they’ve said 1 month and higher orders will ship first, they haven’t actually said WHEN they will, don’t just assume it’s still going to be the end of September like they originally said.

I have a three month order but it has gone from middle of August --> End of September --> We’re no longer telling you.

Like Nom said, they should have just said November, more likely December right from the start and don’t freaking sugar coat the blog update with complete and utter waffle, we’re not stupid just give it to us straight as I find the current update almost offensive.

Without any business knowledge, without any insider knowledge of the processes, without ANYTHING it was obvious to me right from the START that they were never going to be able to meet those deadlines. Now if that was obvious to me, it should have been REALLY obvious to them.


Are the orders going to still be split into pre/post kickstarter? Or are the people who ordered a months worth five days ago are now ahead of the people who ordered a weeks worth at the beginning?


But they have. From the blog update: “We project to have every Soylent preorder made before before September 30 shipped out by the end of the year.” For a larger order, I would expect delivery in early-to-mid-December. Smaller orders may ship by the end of December for delivery in early January. Large orders placed now through the end of September take precedence over small orders placed three months ago.


We’ve said it before, but we cannot thank you enough for your support.

I really dislike that this is how the post began. I’m not offended, but seeing that in gmail, before I even opened the message, had me thinking that another delay was in order. Fine. Take your time and do it right. Just don’t take most of the post building up to the fact that things are not going as well as we would all like. Come right out and rip the adhesive bandage off. I may be wrong here, but this kind of wording and structure seems to create distance and that corporate feel that I see @J_Jeffrey_Bragg talking about.

Does anyone actually like to have this kind of information buried? I personally don’t enjoy the feeling of anxiousness I had while reading this post. It was that kind of “Oh no, something bad is coming” that you get in books and television. This is not a huge problem, but it doesn’t seem to help matters. What do you guys/gals think?

That said, I look forward to trying out my two week supply even if it doesn’t ship until 2014. This could have been played better from the start, but I can’t blaim them for being optimistic.


This, with bells on.

Sure they said ‘before the end of the year’, this means nothing to me and MY order. Sure that might sound selfish but I’m trying to plan around it and this is my personal concern. Will my order ship on the 31st of December? Will it take another week or two after that?

It’s unacceptable after the first delay to just shrug and say ‘meh, before the end of the year? Maybe?’…


It looks like that’s the best you’re gonna get from here on out. If I’d spent hundreds of dollars on a preorder months ago, I’d be pretty upset too. I reluctantly decided at the time to wait until the store was up and delivery time was down to a week or so, and to work on my own DIY version in the meantime. As time goes by, that decision looks better and better.


Yes indeed. Oh well, guess I’m just going to have to suck it up for now.


I’m hoping they will finally post a complete formula. It would be great orientation help for some things like Choline, MSM and Salt amounts (just as examples).


I’m curious: what recipe did you go with, and where did you purchase most of the ingredients?


If you’ve never run a new business or been a part of a popular indie game project, it’s pretty hard to understand how humbling popularity can be. I can’t imagine that they were expecting this kind of popularity, let alone this many orders. This is actually detrimental because now they have to go through more rigorous testing and expanded manufacturing requirements for the masses than if it was a couple thousand people.

In regards to the above posts about their mistakes, time and again I think people need to remember that until Soylent starts shipping, this continues to be a fundraiser in faith.

It’s a common misconception about kickstarters; just because a project gets its funding does not mean it will be out the door in a manner expected, if at all. Many projects are now wisening up to the pitfalls that are stretch goals due to the extension of dead lines, to name a few problems. Also consider that the continuation of this community is a huge risk itself; the longer the wait, the more DIY projects there will be, and the more smaller, local efforts will grow, directly competing with their end line (though considering the issues with popularity, this might be a good thing to relieve pressure on their manufacturing requirements).

Annnd lastly, on giving us updates they’re getting from dieticians and nutritionists… if there’s one thing the DIY folk have learned, it’s that there’s very little reliable information in this regard, and enough red herrings to feed the entire history of Scandinavians. I gather they’re dealing with enough contradictory information as it is without having to get a community of arm chair scientists involved :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding professionals’ opinions on the recipe: I stumbled upon a few interesting comments by @Shane_Hamby, back from April. I’d like more of that!


I am a college student majoring in CS. I have never run a new business or been a part of a popular indie game project. Still, I would like to think that I can understand, at least to a degree, how overwhelming this has been. I have participated in several crowd funding projects to date, and I always try to remember that I may never see anything for the money I put in. For this reason, I only contribute to projects that I really want to and believe can succeed. Any “reward” is secondary. I realize that many others may not feel that way, but I want to make my stance clear in case I came across as overly negative previously. I want Soylent to be awesome and for that reason I complain. I’m not experienced in running such a startup, but if I can provide feedback that helps their future marketing efforts, then so much the better! If I was alone in my feelings, I truly hope others will answer the questions I asked; they were not rhetorical. If it seemed that I was simply piling on abuse, then I sincerely apologize.


As long as it’s not under a GPL license lol. then we’ll all have to open-source any derivatives, as well. That would be a pain in the ass lol


I believe that would only be in effect to derivatives that you use for anyone but yourself. It would be fair to disclose ingredients to whoever you give a modified Soylent to. :slight_smile:


I just clicked Add all items to amazon link and had the stuff 2 days later :slight_smile: