Soylent shipping details


We will be grouping orders based on their size (in weeks), and will ship larger orders first. This is necessary to ensure that we have time to finish shipping preorders without being flooded with reorders.

Orders within each size group will be shipped by order date.

If you placed multiple orders under the same email address, they will be consolidated into a single order. The earliest order date will be used when positioning the order in its size group.

You can verify/edit your shipping address in the Soylent Backerkit, just click the access link contained in your Backerkit invite email. If you need a new invite email, please contact

When your starter kit or Soylent order ships, you will receive a shipping notification email with tracking info. Orders will be shipped via FedEx and should arrive within 3 days of shipping.

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When you say “size group” do you mean the groups outlined here:

Or is it further broken down by months ordered, 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, etc?


That seems pretty clear to me.


Size Groups:

All orders for 1 week of Soylent
All orders for 2 weeks of Soylent
All orders for 3 weeks of Soylent
et cetera


Hey @JulioMiles - I tweeted this to ya already, but I figured I’d ask here in case other people had a similar question.

I ordered a combined total of five months. Three for me, one each for two different addresses (gifts). Does each address get a starter kit?


Hi @JulioMiles, Australian here, just wondering if we can get some rough idea of when to expect international orders to start shipping?



Will future customers also receive a starter kit with their first order?


Is the shipping order already set, or could I order an extra couple of weeks to move up in the line?


Hey there I lost my confirmation email from when I pre-ordered my soylent last Summer. How can I get confirmation that it is still on the way? also, when can I expect to see shipping in Canada? Thanks!


Does this include backerkit add-on orders? If I ordered a week of soylent, and a backerkit add-on of a week, am I in the one week or two week bucket?



Does orders placed now still count as pre-orders?


@jameswhite If you placed both orders under the same email address, they will be combined, and you will be in the 2-week bucket.


@JulioMiles If I were to order two months today, would my order ship in the first week? Or is the timeline you provided only for orders placed before the Backerkit lockdown?


hello drew, just responded to your tweet – email and we’ll work something out!


I have the same the question. I preordered 2 weeks, and would like to add another 2. Did it have to be placed after the lockdown date?


Just curious about the re-ordering process. I ordered a one month supply but was wondering if I will be able to reorder after 2 or 3 weeks and get the order processed in time to get to me before my pre-order supply runs out. Also wondering if this will be done through the backer kit interface or if there will be an online store on the site. Any chance you guys will support an affiliate program for online orders?


@JulioMiles has said previously that once you receive your order of Soylent you’ll be able to re-order immediately and it will be given priority over other orders, so you should have your second order on your doorstep in under a week, depending on what day of the week you ordered.


Are the listed ship dates the same for Canada and other int orders? Looking forward to the shipment :smiley:



I don’t have a concrete sense of when I’ll be receiving my order. I know they’ve begun shipping today, 4/21. Is there way I can see when I’ll be receiving my order? Or a window of time from 4/21? One month, two weeks, etc? Thanks for your help.