Soylent Shipping Frustrations

Can you give us the option to have this shipped where they don’t need someone to sign for it? Most of us work during the day and are not at home to receive packages. They (FedEx) tried to deliver my package 3 times during the day and now are sending it back to you. Makes for a very frustrating experience.

I get things from FedEx all the time and never have to sign.


Can you have it delivered to your work?

You can also presine for your package as well.

Indirect Signature Required: FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address; from a neighbor, building manager or someone at a neighboring address; or the recipient can also leave a FedEx Door Tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present.


I never need to sign for FedEx packages either.

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It may just be your driver is not comfortable leaving them, let the driver know you’d like them released when your not home. As others have said, I also never had signed for a RL delivery.

Dude - it’s called FedEx Delivery Manager:

“Life happens. There are those times when you can’t be there for your home deliveries – that’s where FedEx Delivery Manager comes in. Once you enroll you can request to redirect, hold, sign remotely and more. It’s never been more convenient to customize your deliveries when you’re away from home.”


Oh Lord, please answer my prayers and allow us to all be exactly like geneven.

[/humourous sarcasm]

My shipments normally arrive via Canada Post, and sometimes via Purolator. I do wish it was always the same, regardless of which you choose.
I have a community mailbox (½km away, approx. 35m elev. downhill, I walk it). Luckily, it was recently upgraded and now the parcel boxes are large enough to accommodate a Soylent box (as in, 2x (Soylent 2.0 x 12)). Unfortunately, sometimes they can’t be bothered to put them in the parcel box (not Soylent’s fault at all! Just pure laziness, I imagine - it’s a close fit & they’re heavy-ish). If it’s Purolator, that means a big detour for me to get 'em on the way to work. Still, no biggie - I do work an evening shift and I also live way out in the boonies - considering that, I feel I’ve got it pretty easy/lucky. So… I’m just telling my story in order so say this:

I understand the frustrations people can have with having to guess as to which shipping method it’ll be each month. In this day & age, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for consistency in that regard. Especially considering that one of the main tenets of Soylent is convenience.

PS: god DAMN am I drunk. Things I’ve drank today: beer (Blue Buck, Maple Shack, Kettle River Chocolate Milk Stout, Martini Rosso, Fernet-Branca, Laphroaig Quarter Cask)

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Didn’t want to start a new thread…

I live in a condo on the third floor. For my last two shipments (12 boxes, 7 boxes), FedEx has left the boxes in the breezeway. All my previous deliveries were carried up the two flights of stairs and left at my door.

I did an internet search, bud didn’t find anything conclusive that drivers have to drop off your door. If they determine the lobby is safe, they can leave your packages there (if no signature is required)?

Is this correct?

Regardless, I’m healthy enough to make the three or two trips carrying the boxes. But I am lazy…

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You should call FedEx and see what they say.

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Don’t use the 800 number, get the number for the local Home Delivery terminal, it is a different company from Express or Ground, ask to speak with the contractor, if they can’t get you to him ask for the terminal manager, if all else fails talk to their QA. Let them know you’re cool with driver releasing at your door, but not the public lobby, they may ask for written permission to avoid liability if a shipment goes missing.

In general they’re not supposed to leave them at multi-unit properties, but if there’s a clearly safe place to do so they can use their discretion. A public lobby/breezeway wouldn’t qualify, but a third floor door may, depending on how obvious it is to others. I would think a dozen boxes of soylent would be hard to leave discreetly, so it sounds like your driver isn’t as cautious as they ought to be to begin with…

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I have bad experiences with FedEx in general. They lose my packages frequently. I would really like to be able to use Amazon locker with 1.8 shipments somehow. FedEx has a “Hold at Facility” option through their Delivery Manager feature, but I haven’t been able to get this to work. I called FedEx support and was told that it was not available for Soylent shipments because it has to be enabled by the original shipper. The option to use any other shipping service besides FedEx would also be appreciated, UPS for example is a much better service in my experience.

This is not a complaint! I went to my account on the official site a short while ago and a message said shipment was pending. This was not a surprise, since RF took the subscription money from my account only on Thursday, and in my experience the shipment will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday.

But I decided to track a bit further, and i immediately got the message DELIVERED. This is only Saturday, but on opening my front door I discovered that the familiar Soylent boxes were there! They must have arrived about 10 a.m. or even earlier.


Now we know the secret.