Soylent shipping incorrect quantity and incorrect invoices?

I received my first subscription shipment of Soylent 2.0 today. I placed and was billed for the order on Sept 22 but it was delayed a bit due to the “shipping delay”.

Unfortunately, I only received half of the Soylent in my subscription (6 cases instead of 12). When looking at the 3 invoices included in the shipping boxes I noticed that the “To” field was for three different individuals (none of them had my name on it). I’m guessing that this might be related to the incorrect quantity.

I emailed info@ and I’m sure they will reply soon and correct the issue for me. Has anyone else received incorrect quantity and/or invoices? If this issue turns out to be wide spread, the community should be aware to check the quantity in all of their shipments until Rosa Labs corrects the source of the problem.


I think most of us would notice if we got a wrong quantity in our order. I doubt that it’s a widespread problem because I think we’d see more evidence. It is of course a good idea to watch to make sure you got what you ordered, and were charged correctly.


I have the same problem, they shipped 5 boxes instead of 8 which i havent received and was suppose to ship the 8th, i changed my order a couple weeks before it shipped, from 5 to 8 when i tasted and liked 2.0, emailed info, been a week with no reply

I’ve gotten the correct quantity but the wrong invoice before.