Soylent shipping to Europe (Germany)



I’d like to preorder a full month supply of Soylent. But the option for european orders has gone. Did I miss any update that will explain me why? I’m from Germany. And I want it. Will it be available for european orders? :blush:


It will come to Europe but not right now. There is a whole thread about this topic:


Hi there,

My group of friends has been drinking our own DYI soylent for over two months now in the Netherlands. We are certainly not trying to set up a business but we have ingredients to last us a couple of months. I could ship you some if you like. Our current cost is about 5.50 euro’s a day. My email address is noahcranston87 at gmail . com

Also if this kind of post is not allowed let me know…


I Hope it comes to Germany soon .